We are always so impressed with the kind of people who are attracted to Gaia Sagrada, who come here as guests and volunteers alike! Not only are our guests absolutely wonderful people who are ready to leave the past behind and get on with their missions in the world, but so are our work exchange participants. They are a team of angels!

We call them The Angel Dream Team. They really are joyful making all the things at Gaia Sagrada happen that need to happen, from fixing your bed, making yummy food, helping you at ceremonies, building campfires, and being there if you need someone.

Whatever you need…

 …they are there, always. They are energetic, thoughtful, funny, and a wonderful group of people to welcome you into the traditions of the shamans. The Gaia Sagrada community is Gaia Sagrada seems to attract a special kind of person. They will be with you in the ceremonies as helpers, sometimes they participate with guests, and they are always there to laugh at your jokes (no matter how silly your jokes might be!). They keep the spirit light and lovely here!

We just want to take this moment to say how much we appreciate the staff and volunteers here at Gaia Sagrada. Without you we wouldn’t be able to do it.

Thank you Angel Dream Team for being the lovely people you are! What a great family!