Gaia Sagrada Shower House

Steps to Shower House

The water is always hot! We use on-demand water heating systems in order to conserve on fuel. Why heat water when it’s not being used? Hot water tanks are just silly! And to keep heating them all day when the hot water is not in use? Not smart!

We use propane gas to heat the water but our plan is to incorporate more and more of the passive solar heating methods as time goes on. We are still working on our prototypes right now to figure out which is the most efficient way to heat water without high tech solar equipment.

Our plan is to eventually have most of our showers using water heated by sunlight, with black tubes on the roof under glass enclosed boxes, with a tank at the top to collect the hot water as it is heated. In the meantime, we heat with gas and the showers are always strong and hot. No wimpy dribbles! Plenty of water and always super hot!

There is a lot of room in the shower areas, with a dressing area and the shower area separated by the curtain so none of your things get wet while you are showering. Enjoy!