Bring Everything You Need With You

This is a quarantined stay, away from the threats of Covid-19 so that everyone can congregate and be with each other in a normal way without concern about the coronavirus. That means you will not be able to go to stores in town for your toiletries, favorite candy bar, or whatever other items you might need.

If you need to, bring an extra suitcase with everything you need in it, like all your natural toothpaste, shampoos, soap, contact lens solution, and whatever else you need for your personal care. If you are going to stay for three months, for instance, bring what you think you are going to need in that amount of time.

Don’t forget to bring all your medicines that you need as well. You can let your doctor know that you will be in South America for however long you plan to stay, and you can stock up ahead before you come. Many medications are not available in South America, so bring what you need.

Even if you plan for a 3 months stay, try to get 6 months of your medications in case there is another lockdown. Try to get ahead as far as you can with your medications. We never know these days!

If You Get Sick While At Gaia Sagrada

It may be possible that you could get sick with some kind of cold. There are tens of thousands of different colds and flus. Because everyone is very sensitive to this kind of thing right now, we would need to have anyone who gets sick to self isolate. It is a guarantee with the social distancing entry that the cold is not the Covid-19 virus, but for everyone’s comfort, anyone with a cold or flu of any sort would need to self isolate.

We will have self isolation rooms for anyone who gets sick and require that people be in isolation until the cold finishes running its course. Don’t worry, we’ll take care of you and bring you food every day! It’s just a good idea to isolate if anyone has a cold, no matter what it is, given the circumstances in this era.

Addictions and Antidepressants

Addictions to any illegal drugs (this includes marijuana) or alcohol are not welcome at Gaia Sagrada. If you need to have these substances every day, this is not the place to come. If you have addictions to pharmaceuticals like opiods or antidepressants, this is not the place either. It’s not going to work out and we will ask you to leave. If you take anti-psychotics or have schizophrenia, this is also not going to work out here. All of these are dangerous with the shamanic medicines and cannot mix, physically or energetically even if you are not participating in ceremonies.

Your regular health medicines are allowed for things like heart, blood, thyroid, insulin, etc. However, ask us before you come if these medicines will be ok with the shamanic medicines if you are not sure.

Some people think they can use Gaia Sagrada as a place to get off their addictions and “dry out” so to speak. This has never worked out either. Gaia Sagrada is not a rehabilitation center and cannot facilitate those kinds of situations. You need to be free of addictions before you come to Gaia Sagrada for at least 6 months.

Here we get “high” on life and love, spiritual growth, and connecting with others. This is a chance to truly explore being with your real consciousness and finding out who you really are. Addictions mask who you really are. We are all here to experience consciousness in it’s purest form.