Why Rest Between Ceremonies Is Important

Gaia Sagrada Ayahuasca Retreat Center believes in balance with the Ayahuasca medicine and San Pedro medicine. We feel our participants should take things at a steady pace and get a day of rest between Ayahuasca ceremonies and San Pedro ceremonies. That means getting enough time for processing what the Ayahuasca medicines and the San Pedro medicines are showing. If people don’t get enough time for rest and processing, there is confusion rather than healing.

For those who have been with the Ayahuasca medicine or San Pedro medicine before, or can assess while they are here that they can handle more ceremonies in a short time, we have the option on Day 8 and 12 of the retreat to add more ceremonies if you wish, and paying a little extra for those ceremonies IF you feel you would like to do that. We don’t put it in the retreat package so you aren’t paying for ceremonies that you might have to sit out and miss though, if you feel you cannot move that fast with the medicine. People who have been with the medicines before are more likely to be able to do more ceremonies than others.  That is why we offer the option, while people who are new to this should take it easy and not rush the process.

Lots of Medicine Ceremonies in a Short Time are Challenging for Some People

Some Ayahuasca retreat centers pack as many Ayahuasca medicine ceremonies or San Pedro medicine ceremonies as possible into only a few days, back to back. This is irresponsible and can cause mental illness or confusion if too many Ayahuasca ceremonies or San Pedro ceremonies too close together, back to back each day. Some people have to sit out some of the ceremonies anyway, so they end up paying for ceremonies they can’t do.

If there are too many medicine ceremonies too fast, people do not have time to integrate the changes and the lessons being learned in the Ayahuasca ceremonies or San Pedro ceremonies. It is best to do it at a pace your mind and body can handle. Remember, you ARE a human with the need for rest!

SOME people can do more ceremonies in one retreat than others, but it is best to see if that will work for you when you are here and take the option to add extra ceremonies if you want to (you can on Day 8 and Day 12 of the retreat). If you feel you can handle it, then you are welcome to pay for the extra ceremonies, but at least this way you didn’t pay for them in the package of a retreat and have to sit out because it’s just too much to handle, especially if this is your first time with the Ayahuasca or San Pedro medicines.

You Need a Day of Rest Between Ceremonies

We suggest you always pick an Ayahuasca retreat center that gives you plenty of rest between Ayahuasca ceremonies and San Pedro ceremonies, or at least gives you the option to do so if you can’t do ceremonies back to back. This process should not be rushed. This is a life-changing retreat, and we suggest you take the time needed to process everything well in between the ceremonies and take the extra days necessary if you can from work since you are coming from so far away to partake in something that will literally change your life!

People get very tired sometimes from the medicine ceremonies because such deep and profound changes are happening. Again, we believe in balance. If your body does not get enough rest between Ayahuasca ceremonies and San Pedro ceremonies, you aren’t getting the real benefit of the Ayahuasca medicine or the San Pedro medicine.

It’s not about how many Ayahuasca medicine or San Pedro medicine ceremonies you do. It’s about HOW WELL you use the Ayahuasca ceremonies and San Pedro ceremonies that you do participate in. Some people want to drink lots and lots of Ayahuasca medicine and San Pedro medicine, as much as possible, but they are missing the point. It’s not about getting really “far out there” but rather how deep in there you can get. It’s not about pretty colors and shapes; that’s just a surface distraction of the Ayahuasca medicine or San Pedro medicine.  The Ayahuasca medicine and the San Pedro medicine is for healing your heart and mind, not blowing circuits.

Longer Retreats, Rest Between Ceremonies = Healthier

So don’t let an ayahuasca retreat center do you a disservice and give you too many Ayahuasca ceremonies or San Pedro ceremonies too fast without a day of rest between each ceremony. If you don’t get a day to rest between them, it’s too much too fast. It could hinder you mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually instead of enhance your progress.

It doesn’t cost that much to stay longer and spread 5 ceremonies (for instance) out over 12 days rather than 5 ceremonies in 7 days. It is wiser for you to take your time and not rush this. This is a big life change and you must do it in a balanced way in order to get the results you want.

Ayahuasca retreat centers that put all the Ayahuasca medicine ceremonies and San Pedro medicine ceremonies too close together, back to back, day to day, trying to make a quick buck, instead of being careful with your mental, emotional and physical state, they are NOT treating you with the care that they should. It is better to go to an Ayahuasca retreat center that takes your well-being into to consideration, and keeps you in balance so you can explore your inner worlds safely with medicine ceremonies.

Choose an Ayhuasca Retreat Center That Has Your Well Being in Mind

The program should allow you to rest and give you a day of processing, since the medicine ceremony is still working with you the next day in subtle ways. To go right into a medicine ceremony again without a day of rest cuts off the process of healing that is happening for you.

Take the time you need for this once in a lifetime experience! These medicine ceremonies should not be rushed. It should be done with reverence and the willingness to pause from the rush of life a little bit during this time of self introspection and reinvention of the new self.