Tips for Traveling Safely

Everyone is friendly in Ecuador, so it is very unlikely that anything will happen to you. These are just some common sense things you should know to keep yourself out of trouble.

Petty theft is the common crime of opportunity at airports and crowded markets. Usually it happens by something being taken  from you when you’re not looking and you don’t know it until later. All one must do is be attentive and not provide the opportunities for  theft which are easy to avoid.

Feel free to visit the site of the US Embassy in Ecuador for more news and information about Ecuador.


  • Never let your bags out of your sight
  • Tie bags together with a string at airports or hotels if waiting for a while with your luggage
  • Don’t carry a computer bag, it is a target
  • Watch for the distraction trick (a person creates a sudden a mishap like suddenly dropping food on you, even trying to assist you, and bags disappear)


  • Hail only yellow taxis with official tags, numbers and permits. (Sometimes unmarked cars pull over but are not taxis.)
  • Do not let other people handle your bags
  • Get in the taxi before or at the same time as the driver, putting your luggage into the backseat instead of the trunk. If in a pair, one person gets in the car while the other handles the luggage being put in the trunk. That way the driver isn’t in the car without at least one passenger already waiting.
  • Do not get out of the car until the driver gets out of the car when you get where you are going.
  • When possible, have a hotel or restaurant call you a taxi

Protect Your ID Documents

Make a reduced, color, laminated copy of your passport with your signature page in your passport to carry around with you in your wallet. Leave your real passport in your room. Also make a color copy of your passport on paper.

Use Common Sense !