Legend of the Eagle and the Condor

The Legend of the Eagle and the Condor comes from the indigenous people of South America, particularly Peru and Ecuador shamans. Basically, it states, “When the Eagle and the Condor come together in harmony, there will be peace on Earth.”

The Eagle represents North America and the Condor represents South America. The eagle has to do with thinking, strategizing, mind, and figuring things out, while the condor represents compassion, heart, connection to the Earth, and sensitivity. Neither of these two traits accomplishes everything alone. Together these two aspects work in conjunction to create completion.

Soon will come a time when all races come together, humanity sees itself as One. This balance is so important for the well-being of humanity as a whole. If it is not achieved, humanity will literally undo itself and its own civilization. The way things are run right now, this reality is not sustainable.

The shamans of South America have seen that humanity will indeed come together in both mind and heart. This is what the Legend of the Eagle and the Condor is all about. Those of us who come to South America from the Caucasian nations are ourselves a manifestation of the Eagle and the Condor Legend coming true.

Are you an Eagle too? If so, come to South America and help to manifest this beautiful Legend of the Eagle and the Condor simply by retreating for a while and connecting with nature and your deepest spiritual essence!