Travel & Retreats During the Pandemic

As the global pandemic continues to impact international travel we have created this page to help you prepare for your journey to Gaia Sagrada and your time at our center. Please ensure you have read and understood the following points and contact us if you have any questions.

PCR Test Within 10 Days Before Flying

International travellers arriving by air who present a negative Covid-19 RT-PCR test result, valid within 10 days of travelling, will no longer be required to quarantine.

Those who arrive without a test result will be required to produce a negative test result while in quarantine at an approved hotel and then be cleared by a health ministry official, this can take 1-3 days.

Check Your Government’s Travel Advice

Travel advice and restrictions vary from country to country, so anyone planning to travel should check their own government’s specific travel advice before doing so. You will find the most accurate information can be obtained from your nearest Ecuadorian consulate.

Flexible Flight Reservations

Most airlines are offering free changes to flight reservations at this time. We recommend ensuring you have the option to change your flight free of charge in case your retreat is cancelled due to the pandemic and you need to reschedule.

Avoid paying in advance for seating or extra luggage as airlines are not refunding extra items. It’s better to wait and pay for your extra legroom or luggage at the airport.

Plan To Arrive At Gaia Sagrada 2 Days Early

We recommend planning to arrive at Gaia 2 days before your retreat begins to allow for delays and disruption to travel. You can add additional nights when making your reservation or email us to update an existing reservation.

Our retreats begin on a Saturday with the first ceremony taking place the following day (7 & 12 day retreats) or the same day ( if you do the extra, optional ceremony for 6 day retreats). It is better to arrive early than to be delayed and miss the first ceremony of your retreat!

Masks Required On Your Journey To Gaia Sagrada

You will need to wear a mask when at airports, on airplanes and also while taking the transfer service from the airport to Gaia Sagrada.

It is a criminal offence to be out in public without a mask in Ecuador (includes use of taxi and transport services) and you can be fined $100 for not wearing a mask. You could also get our driver into a lot of trouble, so please wear a mask throughout your journey.

Be Responsible And Isolate Before Your Retreat!

Please be considerate of your fellow retreat guests, our staff and volunteers at Gaia Sagrada! Reduce the risk and self isolate and avoid social gatherings or interctions as much as possible in the lead up to your retreat, ESPECIALLY in the days between having a PCR test and traveling.

If you start to feel ill in the lead up to your retreat, please contact us to delay your visit to a later date. Even if you have a regular cold or flu, imagine how your fellow retreat participants will feel if you are coughing and sneezing during your stay. We want to create a safe space for people to come together during these times of uncertainty. This will only work if everyone is considerate of the well-being of others.

What Happens If You Become Sick While At Gaia Sagrada?

At every retreat, someone arrives with a cough or cold or some kind of sniffles. Our retreat center is almost 9,000 ft above sea level and, although it is rare, some people can experience altitude sickness during the first couple of days, symptoms of which can be headache, fatigue, shortness of breath and nasal congestion.

This is normal, but we understand that guests arriving with certain symptoms can be a cause for concern at this time, so we will be measuring the temperature of all guests on arrival at Gaia Sagrada and at intervals during the retreat.

Anyone with a temperature of 100.4°F (38°C) or higher will not be able to participate in the retreat or ceremonies and will be asked to either enter into isolation at Gaia Sagrada or leave the center. The cost of the retreat will be refunded pro-rata and you would pay only for housing and food (meals will be brought to your room) from day that you have to isolate.

Accommodation prices per night vary depending on accommodation type and include 3 meals per day. You can view pricing for additional nights on the reservations page of your chosen retreat. If you are in a dorm or shared room, you would need to upgrade to a private room (still affordable). Accommodation costs for the days that you are in isolation will be deducted from the balance paid for your retreat.  Any amount remaining will be refunded to you.

No Medical Staff At Gaia Sagrada

There are no trained medical staff at Gaia Sagrada. If you become sick during your time here you would need to consider the implications of that. A hospital is only 35 minutes away by car, but we are not able to give medical advice or diagnosis.

Gaia Sagrada cannot help to pay any medical bills or offer any loans to guests who need medical treatment during their time in Ecuador.

Day Trips Cancelled 

Due to the pandemic we have decided not to offer optional day trips on the second Saturday of our 12 day retreat. The situation in Ecuador is constantly changing and we cannot guarantee that tourist attractions will be open to visitors during your stay. This can change as time goes on.

Refunds And Cancellations During The Pandemic

Our standard Refund and Cancellation Policy still applies, with some exceptions. You can view our up to date Refund and Cancellation Policy here