Differences Between Ayahuasca Plant Medicine & San Pedro Plant Teacher

Ayahuasca is the plant teacher of the Amazon, while San  Pedro is the plant teacher of the Andes Mountains. Ayahuasca is  considered the feminine plant teacher of the jungle, offering healing and knowledge of oneself. San Pedro is considered the masculine plant teacher of the Andes mountains, expansive and macro-cosmic. Ayahuasca plant medicine has DMT in its makeup, or the God Molecule, as some people call it.

As with all plant teacher / plant medicine families, each has a slightly different effect and feel. One plant teacher is never the same as another plant teacher, and each of them have something to teach us. Ayahuasca plant medicine is a very  different experience than San Pedro plant medicine.

It is suggested to work with Ayahuasca plant medicine in order to be healed. San Pedro plant medicine is not as  lenient as the vines of the Ayahuasca in the healing process. Most shamans suggest working with Ayahuasca plant medicine first or at the same time so that the San Pedro plant medicine experience is more enlightening.