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Feel free to come and join us on our Facebook and Twitter pages. We would love to connect with you there!

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Please come and LIKE us at our main Facebook page where we make announcements about what’s going on, keep you up to date on Gaia Sagrada’s developments and activities, and post inspiring articles and all that good stuff!

Gaia Sagrada Facebook Group, Come Socialize!

Most activity happens at our Facebook Group, Gaia Sagrada Family Tree, where all the socializing happens! Here you can be part of our family, post things, talk with members of the group, and enjoy being part of it all. Here you will meet people who have been at Gaia Sagrada ayahuasca and san pedro retreats, and people who have been connected with Gaia Sagrada in some way or another. The retreat groups all have their own private groups where they can discuss things amongst their fellow retreat participants and stay in touch, it’s a service we like to provide to our retreat participants so they have a private place to connect with each other and stay in touch and support each other after they leave Gaia Sagrada, but THIS page is public where anyone can join and enjoy connecting with like minded others on the medicine spirituality path. Enjoy! See you there!

Founder of Gaia Sagrada, Christine Breese Facebook Page

If you want to be friends with the founder of Gaia Sagrada, feel free to connect! Her name is Christine Breese, founder of both University of Metaphysical Sciences and Gaia Sagrada Ayahuasca Retreat Center. Please don’t ask her a million questions about the university or the retreat center, though, as she doesn’t handle the questions. Please send your questions to the contact forms on the sites of the school or the retreat center as office personnel know all the answers, and Christine is a bit clueless about some of that stuff! She doesn’t process enrolments or reservations, or even know how! She leaves that stuff up to staff. Here on Facebook it’s just for having some fun!

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You might want to check out what our sponsor University of Metaphysical Sciences has to offer. If not, at least come and check out all the free stuff, like course excerpts with pearls of wisdom, and free meditation mp3s you might like to enjoy. All courses at University of Metaphysical Sciences are done over the internet and include lots of written material and approximately 80 meditations. The University offers Bachelors, Master, and Doctorate D.D. and Ph.D. degrees. At least come and LIKE their page on Facebook!