Prices & What’s Included

All housing, food and activities are included except medicine ceremonies, which are optional for an extra fee. We want to give you the option to participate in as many, or as few, ceremonies as you would like during your stay.

We are open to all who are on a spiritual path and understand that not everyone will be interested in participating in lot of medicine ceremonies during their stay, which is why we are not charging for ceremonies up front. It’s important to us that our guests have flexibility to decide when to participate in a ceremony and how often. No need to decide in advance, you can choose which ceremonies you would like to participate in and pay for during your stay!

Housing choices:

  • dormitory (shared bath) $975/month
  • shared room, 2 people, bunk beds or couples double bed (shared bath) $1075/month (per person)
  • private single room (shared bath) $1175/month
  • double occupancy apartment (queen bed) $2950/month per couple (equals $1475 per person)

Pay for one month in advance when making a reservation, further months can be confirmed and paid for during your stay.

Note: We are making our pricing as low as possible, but we cannot offer stays at Gaia Sagrada for free or work exchange rates. We will make very little at our offered prices. To us, this is more about creating community!

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Monthly Stays at Gaia Sagrada include:

  • yoga and meditation classes during retreats
  • three healthy and delicious vegetarian meals per day (vegan and gluten free options available)
  • housing
  • 2 regular loads of laundry per month. If you need more it’s $5 per load
  • We clean your towels and sheets, just hand in your used ones every week and we will give you new ones to make your bed.
  • hot tubs
  • wifi
  • access to 55 acres of beautiful country mountains
  • activities 2-3 times per week (hikes, dances, art, workshops, and more) during retreats
  • family sharing circles
  • fireside hangouts
  • musical instruments in meeting hall (we have a drum set, guitars, bass, keyboards, mics!)
  • library
  • gardens galore
  • Ayahuasca, San Pedro and Sweat Lodge ceremonies for an extra fee of $125 per ceremony

Meals and activity schedules will differ during the breaks between retreats, please see our Further Information page for details.

Please see our Extra Costs page for information on what is not included in our Monthly Stays pricing.

Karma Yoga

Karma Yoga is one of the four spiritual paths in Hinduism, one based on the “yoga of action.” To a karma yogi, right work done well is a form of prayer.

We ask each guest to offer 12 hours of Karma Yoga per week during their stay. The work is simple and easy: gardening, sweeping, meal prep, washing dishes, watering plants, and other easy tasks around the center. It’s also a chance to get to see the inside workings of Gaia Sagrada and to get involved in the community and have fun together! None of the work is difficult or physically demanding, and laughter and connection are always at the heart of our Karma Yoga tasks!

If you would like to skip the Karma Yoga option, you can pay $500 more per month per person when completing your reservation.  Prices listed here include participation in Karma Yoga.

Cleaning Your Own Room

We ask that you treat your accommodation here at Gaia as you would your own home and keep it clean and tidy.  We provide all cleaning supplies but do not provide housekeeping for the monthly stay program and time spent cleaning your own room is not included in your Karma Yoga hours.

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