We are making the price of these month long retreats as low as possible, but we cannot do this for free or work exchange rates unfortunately. We do not have a work exchange program during this time when there are no regular medicine retreats.

We will be making very little on these prices. We are most interested in having community. However, we still have bills to pay and the price of food has doubled in Ecuador, could even triple. There isn’t a lot of room in the price structure.

All housing, food and activities are included except medicine ceremonies, which are optional for an extra fee. We have made the medicine ceremonies a separate fee so those who are only interested in community living with the daily yoga, meditation and activities can come without having to pay for medicine ceremonies.

We are open to everyone who is on a spiritual path, and some who like to meditate are not interested in medicine ceremonies. This is why we are not charging for ceremonies up front. Choose when and if you want to do them while you are here.

Housing choices:

  • dormitory(shared bath) $775/month
  • shared room, 2 people (shared bath) $875/month (bunk beds or couples double bed)
  • shared room, 2 people¬†(full bath) $975/mo each person (bunk beds or couples double bed)
  • private room (shared bath) $1075/month
  • private room (full bath) $1175/month
  • couples queen bed room (full bath) $1075 each person
  • double occupancy apartment $1225 each person

Stays at Gaia Sagrada include:

  • daily yoga and meditation classes (2 days off per week)
  • three healthy and delicious vegetarian meals per day (vegan options too)
  • housing
  • 2 regular loads of laundry per month (can’t pack it in too much or it breaks the washers), and if you need more it’s $5 per load
  • We clean your towels and sheets, just hand in your used ones every week and we will give you new ones to put on your bed.
  • hot tubs
  • wifi
  • access to 55 acres of beautiful country mountains
  • activities 2-3 times per week (hikes, dances, art, workshops, and more)
  • family sharing circles
  • fireside hangouts
  • musical instruments in meeting hall (we have a drumset, guitars, bass, keyboards, mics!)
  • library
  • gardens galore
  • occasional medicine ceremonies as the community desires (Ayahuasca, San Pedro, Sweat Lodge) for an extra fee of $125 per ceremony

Karma Yoga

Because we don’t have a work exchange program for these month-long personal retreats, and to keep the prices low, each person puts in 10-12 hours per week to help out with gardening, general cleaning, meal preparation and dish washing at meal times, which amounts to about 1 and 1/2 hrs per day.

It’s less than the amount of time that you would be putting in to keep your own house clean, make your own meals and do your dishes. If we all chip in a little, it makes a small amount of work for everyone.

It’s also a great way for the community to be with each other and have fun! None of the work is difficult or physically demanding, and laughter and connection are always part of this togetherness.

If you want to try to schedule more of your hours on certain days and have other days completely off so you can feel that you have a sense of vacation days, that’s fine! We’ll work it out on the schedule with you.

Cleaning Your Own Room

Each person would keep their own room clean on their own time, which is not part of the karma yoga hours. We don’t provide housekeeping. Remember, this is your home, and you would keep your personal space clean. We provide all the cleaning supplies you need whenever you want, and you would just return them to their resting place so the next person can use them.

You don’t have to include your towels or sheets in your own personal laundry, just trade your towels and sheets out with us every week and we will provide you with a new set to put on your bed. We will foot the bill on cleaning your towels and sheets!