Solar Systems

Solar Hot Water, Solar Hot Air, Solar Cooking

Solar hot water and heat is easier than you think! You don’t need solar panels to create solar hot water or even solar heat. Yes, you need solar panels to create electrical power to run electronics and appliances, but hot water and heat, it is easy!

Passive solar is simply where the sun warms up a physical object (air, water or even a cement or stone floor), and that object then radiates heat. Solar hot water is generated by running tubes on the roof of a building, under glass  if you want extremely hot water. Solar heat is generated the same way, with very large dryer sized black tubes under glass in the sun. The sun heats up the air and the water in the tubes. Easy!

The real trick is knowing how to install these systems on roofs or walls and maintain the integrity of the building, but any builder knows how to do this. Our Ecuadorian   builders are quite interested in the hot water and air ideas, and can easily duplicate it for their own personal use. This is the idea! Gaia Sagrada can show by example to our Ecuadorian   neighbors what can be done for very little, and be “off the grid” in this way when it comes to hot water and air. Anyone can do it, even people without technological prowess.

Here are some links to solar hot water and solar hot air systems, which might give you some ideas.

Solar Hot Water a do it yourself water heater in the sun easier do it yourself water heater in the sun another solar water heater in South America water heater in curled tubing

Solar Hot Air tubeless hot air solar heater for heating room hot air heater made with soda cans made with soda cans and also rainspouts hot air heater

Solar Cooking solar ovens, stoves solar oven make a solar oven parabolic cooker amazing cookers

And that’s just to get you started! We are trying some of these things at Gaia Sagrada and you can too!