Help us buy the 24 acres next door to Gaia Sagrada Retreat Center in Ecuador! We asked the owner for one month to come up with the money. This is too good an opportunity to miss! We can do a downpayment of $100,000 and pay $10,000 per month, all of us together! IF 10 OF US GET TOGETHER ON THIS, IT WOULD WORK! The price is now $430,000 and it’s the right price, a more than fair price for Ecuadorian land with developments on it.

It’s amazingly beautiful and a smart investment because this land already has a built in agricultural business so it would be financially self-sustaining for those who live here. With an operational cottage industry that could support all maintenance costs of the land and improvements (like putting in a swimming pool, sauna and hot sub center for everyone to use! Want to?) Eventually, maybe everyone involved could make money once the business is more developed, since we have to start it up first. We are thinking about drying vegetables, herbs and fruits and exporting them. If you have some ideas for agriculture, let us know!

    • Built in agricultural business ready to start! (will support community maintenance costs and pay for improvements)
    • Huge warehouse sized refrigeration for storing veggies, fruits, flowers, etc, whatever we are going to do with the biz end of this land (dried fruits, veggies and herbs for exportation? Got ideas, let us know!)
    • 25 greenhouses with fully installed and operational irrigation systems run by computers
    • Community center already built with kitchen, bathrooms, event areas, and more
    • Computerized filtration system for both potable drinking water and also irrigation water
    • Some small cabins that you can live in while you build your house (need a little renovation)
    • 220 electric, 110 electric
    • Potable water
    • River rights for massive amounts of irrigation water
    • Incredible beauty in the land and all around us in the mountains!

Price is now $430,000 (down from $600,000) and that is his bottom price that he can accept to cover his bank loan. The land is well worth that price, along with all the buildings and developments on the land. This is truly a fair Ecuadorian price! We know what a fair price is for land here, and this is it!

Not only would you be buying a place to build your house, but also becoming a member in an agricultural business association. This is a sweet deal!

Do you want to come live in Ecuador next to Gaia Sagrada Retreat Center? You can be our neighbors!