What Can I Expect with Ayahuasca Spirit Healing? After effects?

Visions, Colors and Patterns

Everyone is different, and the plant medicine reacts differently in each person’s chemistry, mental constructs, and emotional environment. What can you expect? It is a very individualized experience for each person.

There are as many paths to God as there are individuals on the planet; likewise there are just as many possibilities for an Ayahuasca experience or San Pedro experience as there are individuals on the planet. Your experience with Ayahuasca will be unique and will be your own.

Just as with meditation, as we explain at University of Metaphysical Sciences, some people are very visual types of people (clairvoyant) and will see colors, patterns and visions.

Some people are sensing types and will feel emotional and mental changes, or will sense magnetic forces; they seem to “know” (clairsentient). Some people “hear” voices, explanations or sounds (clairaudient). For yet others, it is a combination of all of these. All report feeling physical changes, and this is to be expected when you ask “what can I expect?” Ayahuasca spirit, and all plant medicines for that matter, are healing vessels and each individual perceives what they do with different senses.

The Light Side

After the initial release phases that you must go through with Ayahuasca healing, you can experience great oneness with all that is. There is a heavenly place within each of us if we just pause long enough to experience it. You will experience something you never have imagined possible.

People report meeting spiritual beings, walking the dimensions, and meeting their truest, deepest part of the self within that is fully connected to divine being. This awakened state of being can be brought into daily life, career, home, routine, and one can live life from a whole different perspective after experiencing Ayahuasca.

Ayahuasca spirit can show you love and joy you never thought was possible, and the ability to be at peace, no matter what. If you are stagnant in life, Ayahuasca spirit can show you a new direction. You will have the experience of finding yourself, knowing who you really are, and what your purpose is.

The Dark Side

Ayahuasca plant medicine is not a recreational substance. Ayahuasca is a serious spiritual tool not to be taken lightly.

You must be ready to undertake a deep transformational process, and resistance is futile with Ayahuasca medicine. Only when you are ready to meet your own darkness and things you need to heal should you participate in an Ayahuasca ceremony. Before you will experience the angelic lightness of being that Ayahuasca can show you, you must first meet your inner demons and release them so that light can come in. You will go through a true metamorphosis.

It is impossible for darkness to stay as you work with Ayahuasca plant medicine, and it doesn’t take long to clear, but you must be willing to walk through some painful parts of your inner self and heal them if you want to partake in the gifts Ayahuasca spirit has to offer. Entry is denied until you “leave the baggage at the door” so to speak.

How to work through it?

All that you must do is release these dark habitual patterns which have plagued you for life. Let them be taken from you by Ayahuasca spirit. You must release them for healing to happen. The Ayahuasca healing experience can be a deep and painful, emotional process as you go through it, as most illness begins in the emotional part of the self. You will meet your inner teacher and guide, the master within.