Monthly Stays at Gaia Sagrada

Community, Safety, Love & Joy

If you want to weather the next wave of the pandemic in a heavenly place, maybe a Monthly Stay at Gaia Sagrada is just right for you!

  • Would you like to live for a while at a magical place in the Andes Mountains?
  • Want to have connection with like minded, spiritually focused souls?
  • Want to experience Ayahuasca and San Pedro ceremonies?
  • Want a quiet place with plenty of free time to work on your creativity, or simply retreat from the world for a little while?
  • Want to have a better than normal life with connection to other people without today’s “new normal” restrictions?

This is your chance to live in Heaven on Earth!

Gaia Sagrada is manifesting a community. This is a rare opportunity, a chance to escape the insanity of the world for a little while. Many have wanted to live at Gaia Sagrada or stay at least a few months in this magical place. This is your chance to do it affordably and safely, starting now in the era of the pandemic.

Minimum 2 Month Stay

Our Monthly Stays Program has been designed for those that are looking to retreat from the world for while and immerse themselves in our community. Our focus is on providing a safe community atmosphere for those seeking refuge and peace.

A minimum of 2 months stay is required to help us create a strong community without people frequently coming and going.

Plant Medicine

During retreats, Monthly Stays guests are invited to participate in ceremonies with retreat participants when there is space to do so (see Retreat Schedules for ceremony information) and Family Meetings for integration the next day. During the breaks, ceremonies will be scheduled according to demand. In the longer breaks we will aim to offer one ceremony per week, depending on demand.

If our 6, 7 & 12 Day Retreats are cancelled due to the pandemic, we will aim to offer ceremonies to Monthly Stay guests once per week, but this will depend on demand and is not guaranteed. 

If participating in medicine ceremonies is the focus of your stay, we recommend you Contact Us ahead of your visit to check if our 6, 7 & 12 Day Retreats are planned to go ahead, as you may wish to reschedule your visit until a time when there is more availability to participate in medicine ceremonies.

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Rare Opportunity! Seize the Day!

Creating a long term community here at Gaia Sagrada has not been possible before now because our retreats were always fully booked. We cannot guarantee that this opportunity to live at Gaia Sagrada will be available after the pandemic era, so this is your chance!

We have always dreamed of having a spiritually focused community here alongside the medicine retreats of Gaia Sagrada. It is possible for a few people to stay on as long term residents.

At this time we are making Monthly Stays available until the end of 2020 and may consider continuing into 2021 depending on the pandemic situation.

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