Ayahuasca Healing Illness, Disease, Plant Medicine

Ayahuasca Healing of Serious Illness

Healing of an illness or disease with Ayahuasca plant medicine is a miracle, even when combined with western medicine. Some say that the Ayahuasca plant medicine (or perhaps DMT, the God Molecule) heals by connecting one fully with God again. Disease disappears in that experience. Ayahuasca medicine causes one to go deep within to places where pain, trauma and dis-ease exist, and release them. Illness can only live in a body that is not reconnected to the divinity from which souls come from.

Many report that literally Ayahuasca plant medicine is rearranging their physical bodies, and changing their cellular structure or DNA, moving it into a higher formation. Others report that they can feel Ayahuasca plant medicine moving about the body and “fixing” things. First, however, comes the repair of the traumas, resentments, emotional processes that aren’t healthy, and bringing balance to one’s inner landscape. Only then can the body heal, since the mind and emotions are what caused the body to go out of balance in the first place.

Much of your healing depends on you, and how much you want to shift and change. Ayahuasca plant medicine can help you, but you must make the changes. If you have a life threatening or serious illness, deep healing in the mental and emotional bodies must take place before it will be reflected in the physical body. The physical body adjusts to this healthier mental and emotional environment, and thus changes your outer reality now that the inner landscape has changed.

3 Ayahuasca Ceremonies: Minimum for beginning to experience Ayahuasca’s healing effects

To truly experience Ayahuasca plant medicine healing effects, a person needs at least 3 Ayahuasca ceremonies to get started. There are different points in the procession of Ayahuasca ceremonies that are quite distinct, especially in the beginning of one’s path with the Ayahuasca plant teacher medicine.

When someone reports in a magazine article or a blog that Ayahuasca plant medicine was unpleasant and he or she “went to a hellish place” it is not an accurate description of Ayahuasca plant medicine if he or she has not had at least 3 Ayahuasca ceremonies. Unless a person has done a lot of spiritual homework in life and already processed deep emotional issues, the following is the normal sequence of events:

  1. The first Ayahuasca ceremony is sometimes difficult, especially for someone who’s body is toxic or has deep healing to do, either physical, mental or emotional. If the deep healing is mental or emotional, this will most likely be reflected as physical discomfort as well. It is not unusual for people to “not like” their first Ayahuasca ceremony experience. Some people would say their first experience was unpleasant, even dark, and they did not like where it went.
  2. The second Ayahuasca ceremony brings up a lot of emotional or mental turmoil, mostly emotional, and it will come out as feelings being released through tears or however it is that you normally release feelings of grief or sadness.
  3. The third Ayahuasca ceremony begins to show the deeper layers of the injuries and traumas where you will see the root causes and healing can begin.

From the 4th ceremony onward, the journey gets deeper and deeper with Ayahuasca plant medicine. The process begins with a participant taking more and more responsibility in the healing and purposely working with what comes up. Continual healing goes on, but after the first few Ayahuasca ceremonies one knows far more about how Ayahuasca plant medicine works. Teamwork with the spirit beings of the plant medicine begins for directing one’s own healing and developing your positive pole emotions and thoughts.

How Long is Needed for Healing Serious Illnesses?

For absolutely deep healing, especially healing of physical illnesses which are terminal or serious, a minimum of three weeks is necessary, or between 6-9 Ayahuasca ceremonies. Six Ayahuasca ceremonies seems to be the minimum amount necessary, where as many as twelve ceremonies might be necessary for others.

If you are taking pharmaceutical medications or receiving specific treatments of some sort for your condition, please look at our FOOD Guidelines Shamanic Dieta) and also our MEDICAL Guidelines pages for more information.