Heat & Heaters

Heat and Heaters

The community center and kitchen (including the Casa Tranquilo living room) are always places to be warm at night. Sit by the wood stove in the community center or just turn on the heater in whatever communal area you are in.

Why are gas or electric heaters in rooms a separate charge? (Electric Heater – $50/mo, Gas Heater – $25/mo)

The reason we have made the heaters in rooms a separate charge is to give budgeters an opportunity to save money, especially if they are not electric guzzlers. (It costs us $50 per month to run an electric heater in a room!) No worries, no judgment. We are here to cater to your heater needs, but those who use electric heaters must pay more than those who don’t. It is a huge difference!

Gas heaters are cheaper simply because gas is cheaper than electric. You can rent a gas heater instead if you wish.

Rooms stay warm!

All the rooms stay warm, especially after sunny days, so you might not even feel you need a heater. If so, we are here to serve your needs!

Don’t forget the sauna and hot tubs! Enjoy!