Ayahuasca Healing for Addictions

Healing Addictions With Ayahuasca & San Pedro

Being addicted to a drug, alcohol, sex, TV, or even certain types of food, all of this has to do with something missing in your life or a coping mechanism due to unhealed past traumas, disappointments or resentments. When these things are addressed, the addictions go away.

Ayahuasca and San Pedro help a person get in touch with what is deep inside, and once that happens, there is no longer a need for coping mechanisms. Yes, there will be tears, there will be sadness, maybe even fear or anger, but after that there is a release that is all-encompassing. Once this healing happens, you are free of the past, free to be yourself, and free to live your life in a new way.

First, be willing to look into the darker areas of consciousness that Ayahuasca and San Pedro will show you. We all have dark areas of consciousness, parts of the self that aren’t so pretty, and personality flaws that cause us self-hatred. We all have things we are embarrassed about, situations we regret, and people we wish we hadn’t alienated. However, these things pass and become history.

Then it is time to move on instead of wallow in self-loathing or even staying in the blame-game status. We must take responsibility for what we have created, even the dumb mistakes we have made that created unsavory events in our lives. When you look into your shortcomings, face them, and make peace with them, you release trapped energy that can now be used for different things, more positive things.

You can change. Ayahuasca and San Pedro can help with this change, jump-starting your healing process, and getting you through it quickly. You are not stuck in the place you are in, you are not stagnant, and you are not unable to lift yourself into a new way of living.

All you must do is take the steps necessary to heal your past and accept whatever personality flaws you have as a result. We all have them. None of us are going to be perfect while in a human body. So just accept this and stop hating yourself for being in the human condition. Be at peace, even while you are not perfect.

Let Ayahuasca and San Pedro reveal the master within you. Let the healing begin.