Ayahuasca Ceremony: Ayahuasca DMT Spirit Molecule, God Molecule, Hallucinogenic

Ayahuasca is becoming well known, and Ayahuasca tourism to South America for Ayahuasca Ceremonies has doubled in the past couple of years. Everyone wants to attain a higher consciousness and peek into the vast unknown universe within. What is the big draw to Ayahuasca DMT, also known as the Spirit Vine?

ayahuasca dmtAyahuasca DMT

Ayahuasca is called by some the Spirit Molecule, and by others the God Molecule. It helps people discover the divine within us all. DMT has been the spiritual medicine of indigenous tribes in South America, particularly in Peru and Ecuador. It is a medicine of the jungle. It is a combination of several ingredients, all plants that grow in the jungle, and dmt ayahuasca is a brew of this combination of plants. Spirit vine contains DMT, the God Molecule, or the Spirit Molecule because it puts a person in an altered state of consciousness, an hallucinogenic entheogen.


Many people tout the healing effects of dmt ayahuasca, from the physical level, the emotional level, the mental level, and most importantly the spiritual level, where all illness starts from. If the illness is addressed from within, deep within, the physical manifestation of illness often disappears. If old resentment and anger is let go, health in mind, body and spirit takes its place.

No Death from DMT Ayahuasca

No deaths from Ayahuasca DMT, Ayahuasca, or the Spirit Molecule / God Molecule are known, unless pharmaceutical or recreational drugs are mixed, or serious health issues are aggravated, like respiratory illnesses or heart diseases. Blood pressure can rise too. However, death has not been associated with dmt ayahuasca no matter what the dose.

Ayahuasca DMT, the Spirit/God Molecule, is often referred to as the ingredient in Ayahuasca that is responsible for the inner changes that cause this healing. The person partaking in these dmt ayahuasca Ceremonies is often faced with needing to change something within, let something go, look at life or situations from a different perspective, and most importantly to adjust how one feels about certain things about oneself, the world, and one’s place in it.