Iglesia Serenidad y Paz (Church of Serenity and Peace)

Gaia Sagrada

Gaia Sagrada Meeting Gazebo

Iglesia Serenidad y Paz occasionally holds meditation services at Gaia Sagrada but it is never required for retreat participants or residents to attend. It is always optional. We respect everyone’s spiritual path (even athiests and agnostic viewpoints!) and we never force any kind of dogma on anyone. In fact, you will hear very little about our spiritual views or the views of people who live here. Most everyone is involved in their own journey, and we do not allow proselytizing of any religion here. We honor all spiritual paths, or lack thereof.

The name of the church translates as Iglesia (church) Serenidad (serenity) y (and) Paz (peace). This church does not adhere to one particular belief system. All beliefs are invited. This church is a reflection of Wisdom of the Heart Church in the USA, and honors all spiritual systems and paths.

Iglesia Serenidad y Paz Credo

  • God is One Being, and we are all part of that One Self. As humanity awakens, our Oneness becomes more and more evident.
  • All beings are in the likeness of God. To know God, we must study our own consciousness and go within.
  • God is not outside of anyone or anything. God is the consciousness of all beings and objects, animate and inanimate.
  • We each must take responsibility for the reality we have created and also take responsibility for changing it if we are not happy with it.
  • All are here to expand consciousness and attain the abilities of unconditional love and forgiveness.
  • Freewill is to be honored at all times.
  • All paths to God are valid; all beliefs are welcome.