Iglesia Serenidad y Paz (Church of Serenity and Peace)

gazebosideIglesia Serenidad y Paz holds meditation services at Gaia Sagrada. The name of the church translates as Iglesia (church) Serenidad (serenity) y (and) Paz (peace). This church does not adhere to one particular belief system. All beliefs are invited.

Iglesia Serenidad y Paz Credo

  • God is One Being, and we are all part of that One Self. As humanity awakens, our Oneness becomes more and more evident.
  • All beings are in the likeness of God. To know God, we must study our own consciousness and go within.
  • God is not outside of anyone or anything. God is the consciousness of all beings and objects, animate and inanimate.
  • We each must take responsibility for the reality we have created and also take responsibility for changing it if we are not happy with it.
  • All are here to expand consciousness and attain the abilities of unconditional love and forgiveness.
  • Freewill is to be honored at all times.
  • All paths to God are valid; all beliefs are welcome.