Our Philosophy

We believe that all who are here on the Earth are here for a very special and important time in human history. This is a time of quickening, an awakening on a mass level. You are the teachers, healers and leaders of the future. We are here to serve you in your process by giving you a safe and beautiful place to live and be here in the now, a beautiful moment.

This will be remembered as a time when humanity opened hearts on such a mass level that wars, crime, famine, hatred, pollution, greed, corruption, and other malevolent things cannot happen. In a world where humanity realizes itself as a whole, together in a beautiful co-creation with each other and Source, we can no longer do to each other the things that we presently do, individual to individual, or nation to nation.

We Believe:

  • Consciousness is undiscovered, new territory and we are only in the beginning of mapping out this new frontier. Humanity is awakening as a species to its true power within the laws of manifestation, creation, and is about to learn harmony with the laws of cause and effect. Humanity is just realizing there is a lot more to this reality than meets the eye.
  • Awakening the heart is the next  quantum leap in human evolution. Opening starts with ourselves, attaining the ability to hold unconditional love for all on the planet, no matter how they are behaving. This applies to unlovable  leaders of the world all the way down to individuals we  know personally.
  • All must take responsibility for their actions, life situations, and  healing  in order to be a truly functioning human being, living as Eternal Self on Earth in the physical form. The past must be addressed and made peace with, and true awareness must be in the present in order to create a future of beauty and grace.
  • Each person chooses love or fear. We encourage all we come in contact with to choose love, no matter what has happened, is happening, or will happen.

  • Physical life is a gift, temporary, and is only a moment in the eternity we truly exist in, an ever-unfolding now that never ends. We are here to  enhance the human species by becoming self-realized as an individual, which then adds to the mass consciousness knowledge and evolution of humanity. We have all agreed to participate in the Human Experiment. We are each here to contribute something to that process.
  • Each person has a direct connection to God (Source). No middle man (or woman) is required for direct communion with God. No priest, guru or spiritual teacher is necessary for the attainment of enlightenment. If a person finds those types of guides useful, it is perfectly fine, but we encourage seekers to keep it in perspective. No human is perfect, even as a teacher or guide, and you must find the master within yourself to truly find the path. We encourage everyone to commune directly with God in their own unique and individual way. Enjoy guidance or help, but neither worship or follow any human.
  • All are equal, including animals, plants, water, humans, and the Earth itself (Gaia).
  • The power is in the Now if we want to change things. The present moment is the most powerful moment of all moments. Aspire to always live in the present, let go of the past and also let go of attachments to the future. Work on shaping the future by taking action in the Now, knowing  there are reasons for things we may never understand while in human form. Everything is in divine order, even in its seeming imperfections.
  • All must treat each other with respect, kindness and in the mode of Namaste. (Namaste: The God in me honors and recognizes the God in you.)