Extra Costs?

There wouldn’t be much in the way of extra costs, as we are requiring that no one goes to the city or off the property in order to keep the space safe from the coronavirus Covid-19 for everyone. This is being created as a safe zone for anyone who wants to retreat from the world and live a normal life without masks, social distancing and all the discomfort of no connection with others in the world. There will be little you could spend your money on.

There are many talented healers who come through Gaia Sagrada and offer a healing modality, like:

  • massage
  • reiki
  • readings
  • astrology
  • counseling
  • other modalities

If you are interested in these types of offerings from other guests or staff, bring a little extra money for these sessions. What is here depends on what guests and staff are here.

If you want to offer these modalities and make a little money on the side while you are here, you are welcome to do this as well. We ask people to charge $35 per hour, $10 of which goes to Gaia Sagrada, $25 per hour to yourself. You can charge $50 per hour and a half and $15 would go to Gaia Sagrada.

We are trying to keep prices at Ecuadorian levels so everyone can afford to participate in these activities and don’t feel left out. Please don’t charge USA or first world prices for your services if you want to offer them here. It is important that these are offered in a sense of community and not be out of the reach of those with less money.

We also have a community store where you might want to buy something extra, for instance a poncho or bag from Ecuador, or some indigenous jewelry.

Deliveries can be had once or twice per week. If you want cigarettes or other items of that sort, you can order them and they are brought to the property with deliveries. There is a cost for the driver to transport them if they come from Cuenca. You also have to pay for the driver’s time to buy them (often the driver buys rolling tobacco, papers and filters for residents at Gaia). The drivers charge $10 per hour.

Once per week we have beer and wine night on Fridays, so you may want to have some money for that, as it’s not included in the retreat price. While Gaia Sagrada is alcohol free the rest of the week, we have one night for a couple beers or a couple glasses of wine. No hard liquor is allowed, and no drunkeness is tolerated. If everyone can stay balanced and handle their beer or wine like an adult, it always goes well. Drunkeness ruins it for everyone.

Medicine Ceremonies is the other extra cost if you want to do them when they are offered. Medicine ceremonies are offered 2-4 times per month, depending on the community desire for them, maximum once per week on a weeknight (Tues, Wed or Thurs). They cost $145 each. Before the ceremony is a family sharing session in the afternoon on the day before, and another family sharing session is offered on the day after the ceremony.

The taxi ride to Gaia Sagrada from the Cuenca airport is $20, but that’s just a one time cost until you leave at the end of your stay and go back out into the world. When you leave it is another $20 to go back to the airport in Cuenca. You are responsible for all your airfares to arrive in Cuenca, Ecuador when you come and also when you return to your country at the end. Airfare is not included in our prices.