Extra, Optional Costs

Medicine Ceremonies – Ayahuasca, San Pedro and Sweat Lodge Ceremonies

Medicine Ceremonies are are priced at $125 per ceremony. You can decide which ceremonies you would like to participate in and sign up during your stay.  Ceremonies can be paid for by cash or credit card.

During retreats, Monthly Stays guests are invited to participate in ceremonies with retreat participants (see Retreat Schedules for ceremony information) and Family Meetings for integration the next day. During the breaks, ceremonies will be scheduled according to demand. In the longer breaks we will aim to offer one ceremony per week.

If our 6, 7 & 12 Day Retreats are cancelled due to the pandemic, we will aim to offer ceremonies to Monthly Stays guests once per week. If participating in medicine ceremonies is the focus of your stay, we recommend to Contact Us ahead of your visit to check if our 6, 7 & 12 Day Retreats are planned to go ahead, as you may wish to reschedule your visit until a time when there is more availability to participate in medicine ceremonies.

Healing Modalities

There are many talented healers who come through Gaia Sagrada as staff, volunteers or guests and offer a healing modality, such as:

  • massage
  • reiki
  • readings
  • astrology
  • counseling
  • and many more

These sessions are arranged one on one with the healer and paid for in cash, so it’s worth considering bringing a little extra to spend with you if you think you may be interested in a one on one session during your stay. Services offered will vary month to month, dependant on who is here during the time of your stay.

If you have a healing modality to offer to your fellow guests and would like to make a little money during your stay, please speak to us when you arrive and we will help advertise your service/s.

We are trying to keep prices affordable so that everyone is able to participate regardless of income. Please don’t charge USA or first world prices for your services if you want to offer them here. It is important that any healing modalities are offered in a sense of community and are not out of the reach of those with less money. Our recommended pricing for offered services is $35 per hour, $10 of which goes to Gaia Sagrada, or $50 per hour and a half, with $15 to Gaia Sagrada.

Community Store

We have a community store (cash only) for gifts and souvenirs, with beautiful items made here in Ecuador ranging from ponchos, bags & purses, indigenous jewellery and blankets.

Extra Laundry

Our Monthly Stays pricing includes two regular laundry loads per month. Larger loads will be charged at $5 per load as they cause more wear and tear on our washing machines and must be separated into two loads. Additional loads are charged at $5 per load.  We will wash, dry and fold your laundry for you!

Taxis & Trips

The taxi ride between Gaia Sagrada and our nearest city, Cuenca, is $20 each way. During your stay it may be possible to arrange day trips with our drivers to nearby sites and attractions at an additional cost. Visit our Things to do nearby page for more information.

There is no ATM at Gaia Sagrada so please bring enough cash for your stay

Airfare is not included in our prices


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