Water Purification Methods

Bio-Sand Filter Water System

Gaia Sagrada captures rainwater and passes it through bio-sand filters in order to clean water for showers and general use at the center, even irrigation.

A Bio-Sand Filter system is a wonderful and natural way to clean water and make it drinkable. If you research bio-sand filter on the internet, you will find that it is used all over the world, in many third world countries too, and is quite easy to make.

All that a bio-sand filter system is made of is a large container with sand, carbon and gravel in which the water passes through. It enters at the top and by the time it exits at the bottom it is clean and drinkable.

It is a travesty that bio-sand filters are not being used in a more mainstream way. There is no need for dangerous chemicals in our water, and there is no easier system for cleaning water. It is just amazing!

We at Gaia Sagrada have chosen to implement as many possibilities in the alternative energy and building systems at this center, not only because they are incredibly sensible financially, entails integrity in action, and are easy to build, but also because we can show by example that this works. Come and see for yourself how these things are built and then put one at your house when you get home!

Please see our page Rainwater, Showers & Toilets for more information on our water systems.