Can I Die from Ayahuasca? Is Ayahuasca Safe? Aya Safety?

Ayahuasca Dose, Dosage & Death

We know you have many important safety questions about Ayahuasca and we are here to answer them. These are normal concerns for anyone considering coming to an Ayahuasca or San Pedro ceremony. Side effects are varied; it depends on the person and the medications being taken.

Diabetics MUST continue taking their medicine before, during and after a shamanic plant medicine ceremony. So must anyone on high blood pressure medicine and also anyone who takes medicine for their heart.

Please see our page at Medical Guidelines for more information.

Pharmaceuticals & Plant Medicines

You CAN be harmed if you are taking certain pharmaceutical drugs in combination with Ayahuasca, particularly antidepressants (SSRIs, SNRIs, MAOIs) and even over the counter drugs like cold medicines with ephedrine or caffeine in them. It is important that you do your research and follow directions for stopping these pharmaceutical medicines before taking Ayahuasca.

Consult with your doctor about reversal MAOI or seratonin syndrome concerning Ayahuasca. The time needed for these pharmaceuticals to disperse from your system vary between 48 hours and a couple months, more if you have been taking them for a long time.

Here is an article about pharmaceuticals and other substances to avoid before an Ayahuasca or San Pedro ceremony:

Our Shamans Make Pure, Unadulterated Medicines

Another problem, and a reason why there are complications for some people with Ayahuasca Ceremonies, is that some shamans mix other substances into their medicine, like datura (which can give nightmarish experiences and cause death) or high quantities of nicotine (to open the body more to medicine), or other substances that change the nature of the medicine somewhat.

By contract with our shamans, we do not allow our shamans to mix anything into the medicine that is not part of the traditional ingredients. Gaia Sagrada practices the utmost of safety when it comes to making sure our medicines are pure and unadulterated.

Be careful if you are not with a center that does not have an agreement with their shamans to make ONLY traditional medicines. When deaths are connected to Ayahuasca, it is normally because the shaman has mixed other substances into the medicine that should not be there, sometimes in order to make the medicine stronger if it is weak, or it is not from the Ayahuasca vine and leaf itself. It is what they mix into it sometimes that is dangerous, but we don’t allow that.

Here at Gaia Sagrada NOTHING else is allowed to be added to the mix. Here you get the pure and unadulterated versions of the medicines.

What is the proper, safe Ayahuasca dosage?

Most people drink one or two shot glasses of Ayahuasca for the full dosage effect, more if their body resists it. Some people’s systems are much more sensitive and they do not need as large a dose of Ayahuasca. We would caution anyone who is super-sensitive to various things (like certain foods, smells or cleaning solutions) to start with a low Ayahuasca dose for safety and move to a higher Ayahuasca dose more slowly than everyone else just to be certain to be safe.

You can even start with a quarter cup Ayahuasca dose or a half cup Ayahuasca dose. Then take another quarter cup or half cup when you feel comfortable, safe, and ready to amplify your Ayahuasca dosage and experience. Not everyone needs the same Ayahuasca dose for the same effects.

One of the side effects of Ayahuasca is the nausea and then throwing up. However, that is when the profound after-effects begin to take place. You are not going to die because you would throw up before too much could get into your system.

We have noticed that the more fat content a person has on his or her body, the larger a dose a person can accept safely. If a person has very little body fat, and might even be skinny, this is the kind of body structure that needs about half the amount that other people do, especially if he or she is super sensitive to foods, smells or other things.

We are here to help guide you on how much to take and the shaman will know by your body structure what your safe limits might be. Make sure you tell us what your physical conditions are on your reservation form so we can also inform the shaman. There are some shamans and centers that are not as careful about this, but we are. We know the limits for specific body types, and we’ll encourage you to go slow with it and test out the waters first before you dive into the deep end with Ayahuasca.

We also let you determine your dose. If you feel you need more to have the experience you are looking for, we will give it to you . Some centers just give everyone the same amount and no more. We want to make sure you get the experience you came for, so we will let you take however much you feel you need.

That said, you can take as little as you want to as well. There is never any pressure to drink more medicine than is comfortable for you.

Has Anyone Ever Died Using Ayahuasca? Can I Die From Ayahuasca?

Yes, you can die if you are mixing it with certain recreational or pharmaceutical drugs or if you have heart problems that you are not taking your medicines for. People have also died from datura (toe) or liquid tobacco being mixed into the medicine.

The truth is, no scientific studies have ever been done to determine what is safe to take with Ayahuasca or San Pedro, so the best advice is to refrain altogether during the days leading up to and during the time of the ceremony in order to avoid side effects or bad after effects with pharmaceutical or recreational drug mixing.

No one has ever died from traditional Ayahuasca (with no admixtures that are not supposed to be part of Ayahuasca) if they took the proper precautions of refraining from alcohol, recreational drugs, or pharmaceuticals of any kind, and approached Ayahuasca or San Pedro after a period of cleansing. You would throw up before you could overdose. The plant teachers and plant medicines are safe for almost everyone, but we would like you to take a look at our Medical Guidelines page to make sure that this medicinal tea is right for you.