Meals at Gaia Sagrada

Cook Your Own Food Between Retreats

You will have access to the commercial kitchen, when there are no retreats in progress, to cook your own food from all of our supplies. All you can eat, help yourself. Most times, people come together and cook meals together and it’s a lot of fun!

What Are The Foods I Can Eat At Gaia Sagrada

During retreats all the food is prepared, and you’re not allowed in the kitchen during retreats unless you’re there to help make the meal or do dishes! Between retreats you would have unlimited access to the kitchen and make your own food. We have everything you will need, raw foods, fruits, vegetables, bread, eggs, cereals, grains, spices, juice, and multitudes of other yummy foods to eat. Guaranteed to feel healthy!

Vegetarian Not Required, Cold Meat OK – Can’t Cook or Heat Meat

All food that is cooked at Gaia Sagrada must be vegetarian. We have a vegetarian kitchen. We don’t require that YOU be a vegetarian, though. Only that all meals COOKED at Gaia Sagrada are vegetarian. If you want to bring sandwich meat you can keep it in the fridge, or meat already cooked that you buy in the city, that is fine. However you cannot heat it up or cook it at Gaia Sagrada. The meat has to stay cold so it doesn’t offend vegetarians. No cooking or heating of meat also keeps the kitchen free from smoke, grease, and keeps it from being hard to keep clean.