Some people have emailed us and asked if the Cotopaxi volcano eruption in Ecuador is affecting us. NOPE! We are fine. We are extremely far away from all volcano activity. We are as far away as another country or state. The volcano is up in the far north and we are in the more southern part of Ecuador. We haven’t seen any dust. It has been fine here.

We purposely chose a place that wouldn’t have problems with either earthquakes, tsunamis or volcanoes, nor would it ever be too hot or cold here. We never wanted to be anywhere where potential dangers could lurk. We even thought about how important it is to be at an elevation where there aren’t any… mosquitoes! There is nothing worse than trying to concentrate on your Ayahuasca experience but have mosquitoes lurking everywhere, or itching from bites that you can’t keep your hands off of.

We also thought it would be good to be in a location where we wouldn’t have to deal with natural disasters either, like earthquakes, volcanoes and tsunamis. We are in a good location! It’s bright and sunny here, and one would never know that a volcano has gone off somewhere far away north of us. Weather moves in east and west directions, not north or south so we are very safe from any kind of volcanic activity.

Come and enjoy!

Let’s pray for the people who could be affected by the volcano, though. Please! Let us all say a prayer for those who could be and are being affected by the volcano. Livestock are being evacuated, crops are being destroyed, and about 300,000 people are not sure what their future will be. Please say a prayer for all of these dear souls who are facing this situation.