San Pedro Ceremomny

San Pedro Garden Near Maloka

What Happens in San Pedro Ceremony

San Pedro Ceremony is truly transformative and amazing. San Pedro is a very strong medicine, lasts twice as long as Ayahuasca, and opens the heart to love and peace within the self and the world. Ayahuasca is the feminine of the two medicines and San Pedro is the masculine of the medicines. Our Ecuador shamans say that Ayahuasca shows you what you need to change, gives you insight into your challenges and issues, and San Pedro (Huachuma) gives you the power to make the change.

San Pedro Ceremony Opens Your Heart To Love

Often, in a healing experience, the mind is in the way of the heart’s wisdom. San Pedro goes straight to the heart and bypasses the mind’s defenses and ego resistance. We have witnessed amazing transformations for people who have a lot of mental activity that holds them back from their healing, with beautiful heart openings to love they have never imagined is possible before.

San Pedro  ceremony and Your Motor Skills

Ayahuasca is more of an inward journey to the universe within yourself, whereas San Pedro is more of an outer journey, showing you how the other dimensions blend with physical reality, showing you your multidimensional nature. Your motor skills are not as impacted with San Pedro as they are with Ayahuasca, so you are able to move around fine and take care of your own physical needs during a San Pedro journey.

What Happens in a San Pedro Ceremony

The ceremony consists of four tobaccos, or four rounds. The first tobacco prayer is the round where everyone focuses on their purpose and intention for the ceremony, and prays for the solutions and answers to their reasons for being at the retreat. Then the first round of medicine is given. This round of the ceremony isn’t very long, but sets the tone for the entire ceremony.

The second tobacco, or second round, is the prayer for the male aspect of water, the rain that falls from the sky. A new design is put in the fire that is in the center of the ceremonial space of the maloka (sacred pavilion where we have the ceremonies), and a prayer is said over the water, honoring the father aspect of spirit. Then the water is passed to everyone, and if anyone wants more medicine, they can have it after they have drunk the ceremonial water.

During the third tobacco, the power round of the ceremony, each individual takes a turn in front of the fire and has personal interaction with the San Pedro shaman. This is the longest round of the ceremony, and lasts until each individual has taken a turn in front of the fire. It is not a requirement to take an individual turn, and some people do not feel the need because they get so much out of the teachings of the shaman during other people’s turns, but anyone who wants to can have an individual healing with the shaman in front of the fire.

In this session your specific purpose is addressed by the shaman and often a cleansing or adjustment to your energy is done. These are really powerful moments in the retreat where years of mental and emotional “stuff” can be released and given back to the earth, the fire, and freedom from old programming can be had. San Pedro can literally undo old programming and give you a whole new perspective on life, the world, and who you are.

The intention of this round is to help each person take back their power from places they have lost it in life, heal what is in the way of holding their personal well-being and power, and become free of negative thinking and stuck emotions so they can live their lives in a healthy way from now on.  This is also a chance for people to really look at what their life purpose is and set their intentions for their lives. This is a beautiful and amazing round where huge transformations take place and permanent healing is realized for people who have struggled with certain things for many years, or even all their lives. We still get emails from people who have been here years ago saying how much this ceremony has changed their lives for the better!

The fourth tobacco is the prayer for the female aspect of water, that which holds water, like the lakes, rivers, oceans, wells, underground aquifers, etc. We also express gratitude for the food that is to be eaten at the end of the ceremony, which is laid out in front of the fire in a beautiful way, with flowers. This is a round of gratitude for our lives, and all the things that support our lives.

After the San Pedro Ceremony

After the ceremony we put on wonderful music, enjoy the water and food, and have a wonderful time as the medicine is still with us. This is a time of celebration and lots of laughter! Lightness of being is experienced by all.