By Christine Breese

There was the dreaded 4th blood moon that so many people were all freaked out about last night. The world was supposed to end, earthquakes, tsunamis, economic collapse, evil cabal, new world order taking over, something like that! There was a lot of projection on the blood moon by humans, the fourth in a series of four blood moons. It happens every thousand years or so and it means that big change is in the air whenever it happens.

However, this change our world must go through doesn’t have to be bad, terrible or traumatic. Change in our world can be beautiful! We don’t have to do it the hard way if we don’t want to…

Several of the participants started the ceremony with a lot of fear, trepidation and worry, wondering how the blood moon was going to affect us. Several people read on the internet they weren’t supposed to look at the blood moon, that it would curse them. I said, “Aaah, that’s phooey! This is a cosmic event, a natural occurrence in nature, how can God’s beauty be a curse? Look! Drink in the beauty of the cosmos!”

As Salvador and Paulina, our ayahuasceros, started the ceremony, we were all quiet and purposeful, setting our intentions with beautiful prayers for transformation. We all approached the ceremony with the intention of leaving behind the old ways and embracing the new. The moon was bright, the clouds painted postcard pictures in the sky, and then the eclipse began…

Right after the eclipse began, the clouds converged and covered everything up. Dang!

We surrendered and accepted the sky’s decision to hide it, using it as a lesson in accepting whatever the cosmos decides to do with us. What else can you do? The night got darker and darker as the eclipse continued. The shamans sang gently, sweetly, very softly. We could feel the angels all around us, as if the divine was coming close to us. We were unmoving, silent.

THEN! About an hour into the ceremony, when the medicine began to touch us all with it’s beauty and grace, with beautiful visuals, the clouds parted very wide, providing a huge circle of wide open space around the blood moon with the blood moon right at the center of it all, as if framing it with frilly white edges all around the horizons of the sky. The clouds seemed to almost disappear to the horizons so quickly we didn’t even see them go! The stars sparkled sweetly all around the blood moon and it seemed like we could see forever into the universe. It was very 3D. Many of us came out of the maloka to look with awe at this wonder of nature.

I looked for a moment, memorizing the picture, thanking the clouds for this gift they were giving us, taking a mental snapshot in my mind as the night sounds of nature gently sang. I whispered to the shamans, Salvador and Paulina, “The clouds gave it to us! The blood moon wanted to be seen!” They grinned, “Yes!”

The earth seemed to go still and pause between breaths. I fell to my knees and began to pray with joy. I felt my energy reaching far and wide out into the world, with beautiful designs and sparkles coming out of me in every direction, praying for humanity’s transition to take place in a beautiful, gentle and lovely way. I prayed that our evolution and quantum leap that our species is about to do, and is presently doing, to be done with intelligence, joy and sweetness between all of us. I prayed for the well being of our species.

I then blew on my praying hands and spread my prayer out into the world, thanking creation for hearing my prayer. It seemed that there was a response, a shifting of gears. I looked up and the clouds had come back together to cover up the eclipse again, and the red moon was hidden once again. It was a gift from the sky to show it to us! I was so grateful! I would have been disappointed if I didn’t get to see it.

We continued the ceremony in a beautiful way. Everyone was elevated to a new level of peace. The night was dark and I kept the fire low, (I was firekeeper) only at the level of embers so everything would remain dark. As the night went on for the next two or three hours, we all had the sweetest journey, a gentle and beautiful journey.

Then, suddenly everything seemed to get brighter and Salvador, our shaman, announced that the moon was returning and the eclipse was starting to move back into the light again. It was fast, and wow! Once the moon was fully back it was as bright as day! It was the brightest I had ever seen the moon, I think. Everyone marveled. We all thought the same thing. The clouds parted again, with an occasional paper thin cloud drifting over the moon, as if caressing it, and we could see every tree around us with great detail. It looked like day light was coming and the maloka was lit up inside as if there was a light on inside. We could have read a book by this light! I looked up into the sky, and the moon was surrounded by a beautiful rainbow. What a special, gentle night!

The energy in the ceremony went into an ecstatic state, as if everyone was taking a breath of fresh air in the new paradigm that the blood moon represents. It was so lovely! Everyone was smiling, joyful, free, it was just amazing!

We all were concerned for trouble with the blood moon energy with an ayahuasca medicine ceremony together before the ceremony started, but it turned out that this was one of the most tranquil ceremonies ever! Hardly anyone threw up, no one was restless or troubled, or needing reassurance that everything is ok. It was as though we were all in our divine being and forgot we were humans with troubles for a moment! We were all simply part of creation in this beautiful transition.

So it goes to show we must all be careful what we project. We can project a lot of fear into our future, or we can project peace and love into our future. It is up to us all now what we choose for the future of our species and the future of our world, spaceship Earth. We can create a utopian future or one of struggle.

Let’s all be wise grasshoppers and choose well! Let us all choose love!