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Some people have asked if we are affected by the earthquake that happened in Ecuador. We are fine, nothing has been damaged, and it was just a small tremor here, nothing big. Cuenca is on granite so it is pretty stable and doesn’t have the devastating earthquakes that some places in the world do. We researched the fault lines of Ecuador before deciding where to buy land and create the center, and for this reason decided not to have our center in any coastal areas. The southern end of the Andes Mountains in Ecuador is the safest area from earthquakes, and there are no fault lines or volcanoes here. Gaia Sagrada is safe and all retreats will go on as planned.

The northern coast of Ecuador got hit pretty hard, though, so they could really use everyone’s help.

We gave already spent thousands of dollars getting several trucks of supplies to the coast through different organizations and people we trust. Those of us who can’t be on the ground doing the work,we need to financially support the people who are doing the work on the coast.

We are taking donations at

EVERY penny goes to buying supplies and trucks to take it to the coast. Not a single penny goes to administrative costs or anything like that.

Please, this one is close to my heart. These people need our help! They have no water, food, medical supplies, tents, filters, shovels, picks, tampons, baby diapers, blankets, bandages, etc. It’s pretty serious. Please join us in this effort to help our brothers and sisters.

Thank you so much for caring from your heart! Even just a little bit would be helpful, it all adds up!