Some people have asked if they have to worry about the Zika virus and mosquitos that carry it. Don’t worry! There is no Zika virus here in the Andes mountains of Ecuador, and no mosquitos either! That’s the beauty of the mountains versus the jungles and coasts, you don’t have to contend with diseases or the mosquitos that carry them.

The only place where the Zika virus is happening is on the coast or in the jungles. If you are not travelling to either of these places, you don’t have to worry!

In Ecuador, there are no shots or vaccinations required for entry. You can ask your doctor about his or her recommendations if you are travelling to the jungles. It might be wise to do typical vaccinations for jungle tor coastal ravel if that is where you’re going. If your journey only includes coming to Gaia Sagrada though, you’re safe!