Everyone is asking how we’re doing in Ecuador with all the protests going on. We are doing GREAT! Here at Gaia Sagrada you would never even know there was anything going on elsewhere in Ecuador, we are far from any of the problem areas.
It’s been a little bit of a challenge to find all the food we need to feed everyone at the retreat, but our guy who delivers the food really came through like a miracle for us!!! He showed up with TONS of food!
As for the flights of the guests, all is going normal, and our drivers are picking people up at the airport, although they have to transfer a guest from one car to another at the roadblocks once in a while, one driver meets another driver, they walk across the stones to the other side and hop in another car that takes them all the way to Gaia Sagrada. We are getting people here no problem. It’s a little bit of an adventure on beautiful country roads for our guests, so there’s lots of laughter and joy, it’s kinda fun!
Our shamans have plenty of medicine, our center is heavenly as usual, and it’s all good for us. We stocked up on tons of food, we have a great driver team that knows how to use all the back roads and get people around the roadblocks, guests have a great attitude and sense of adventure, and we are so supported!
Honestly, the news is making things look a lot worse than they are on TV, it’s just ridiculous. They are focusing on a few criminals who are taking advantage of the situation instead of the fact that most of the protests and marches are in peace, and in fact pretty much 99% of the country is at peace, taking advantage of a little vacation time and a chance to hang out with their families when normally they would be working. In fact everyone is pretty happy! There is a sense of festivity, and there are even spontaneous parties happening in the small communities. Our neighbors are all smiling and spending time on their land. It’s nice!Sunflower Image Ecuador Gaia Sagrada


I personally truly respect what is going on and honor the process of the protests. What is going on here is something we would never get away with in most of the countries we are from. The people closing the roads is the most powerful way they can force their government to listen to them and negotiate, even remove presidents from office if they want to. We have seen this happen before and it is democracy at work and the people really come together in solidarity to make it happen. All they do is bring everything to a grinding halt and the government has to cry uncle and work it out with them. Can you even imagine trying to get away with something like this in our country? Oooy, I wouldn’t want to imagine it. I don’t think it would have an outcome like this. So in some ways, these Latin America countries are way ahead of us as far as power to the people! 
OK, well, all is well! Since there’s no propane to run the showers, we are installing electric hot water for the showers really fast and will be ready by the weekend, and we have what we need for cooking, and there’s plenty of medicine for the ceremonies, sooooo… Full Sail Ahead! Here we go!
Much love to everyone! Christine <3