magic mushroom retreatMagic Mushrooms (Psilocybin) are a powerful medicine and now Gaia Sagrada is bringing it’s professionalism, reputation for safety, and care to the world of mushrooms (Ninas de Luz in Spanish which means Children of Light).

Magic Mushroom Retreats in Jamaica!!! Feel free to visit our new site if you would like to check out our dates and offerings there. Gaia Sagrada still offers amazing Ayahuasca & San Pedro retreats in Ecuador, but now we are branching out into a new arena.

Most Magic Mushroom Retreat facilitators are not trained shamans. They approach with a medical and clinical approach through therapy. However, true healing is at a deep spiritual level where core healing is. Gaia Sagrada’s Magic Mushroom Retreats are run by a real shaman who is truly trained in the arts of medicine.

Why Our Magic Mushroom Retreats Are Different

Our medicine is different too! It’s in liquid form which is far more dependable for dosage and it is also much easier on the body. It passes through the body with less processing when it is a liquid, where solids make it difficult for the body to move.

With liquids mushroom medicine, nausea is not nearly so prevalent, if it’s there at all, whereas with solids nausea is sometimes the main experience of the journey. We don’t know why more centers don’t make the medicine in a liquid form. This is the best way to do it! It’s also more tasty with honey and herbal flavors. Actually tastes great!

Feel free to visit this page to see our dates for the Magic Mushrooms Retreats. There are ongoing retreats from Dec 7, 2019 to Jan of 2021, check it out! Visit the site and you’ll find lots of info there about what to expect with Magic Mushrooms!


Cannabis Ceremonies Too!

After all, it is Jamaica! There will be optional Cannabis Ceremonies in between the Magic Mushroom Ceremony days. Come and learn how to be with Cannabis in a ceremonial way, rather than the recreational way most people are used to. Marijuana is a powerful medicine too when used correctly. Learn how to make a ceremony for yourself with it, when and how to use it, and how to set intentions with Cannabis. You will be surprised at how different the experience is for you than what you may be used to!