Welcome to Gaia Sagrada Eco-Community & Retreat Center!

We are NOT affected by the Earthquake or Zika Virus at the Coast. All Retreats are going on as planned. Airports are not affected either. Travel is safe!

We are in a different part of Ecuador where there are no mosquitoes and the Cuenca area is not in an Earthquake zone. 

Gaia Sagrada Spiritual Retreat Center

Gaia = Mother Nature, Mother Earth — Sagrada = Sacred

Why The Name Gaia Sagrada?

Gaia is a very old name for Mother Earth, or Mother Nature. In Greek mythology she birthed many of the major Gods who ruled over different sections of the Earth. Gaia is known as the nurturer, sustainer and giver of love to all who come to the goddess for support. She is known as the spirit of the Earth, plants, rocks and water and when you are blessed with darshan from nature, it is Gaia blessing you.

Gaia Sagrada is the perfect name for our eco-community (eco-village) because we strive to be one with Mother Nature  and  live harmoniously on the Earth, which is a sacred being. It is also the perfect name because this is a sanctuary, a retreat center of support and nurturing amidst natural beauty in Cuenca, Ecuador.

The Perfect Place For a Retreat Center & Community

Cuenca, Ecuador was picked because of its low expenses, safety, ease of entry for visitors (no shots or visas required, only your passport), and also for its gorgeous, magical, and natural settings. Ecuadorian people are  very friendly and helpful, “muy tranquilo!”

Gaia Sagrada Eco-Community & Retreat Center is nestled in a small community called Llayzhatan (Yay-zat-an) in the Andes Mountains, very close to Jadan (Ha-dan) which means “Close to Heaven.” What a perfect place for Gaia Sagrada! 

While we host various spiritual retreats, spirituality at Gaia Sagrada Eco-Community & Retreat Center is varied and we honor all paths. You are not required to adhere to any specific religious or spiritual beliefs. You are able to be yourself!

If you would like to read about our spiritual perspective, Our Philosophy

Here you can experience:

  • Retreat from the world  in the magical Andes Mountains of Ecuador
  • Watch the hummingbirds, forests, pastures, and butterflies
  • Partake in the nectar of flowers while you are sitting in  sunny gardens
  • Gaze at the milky way, distant planets, and galaxies
  • Enjoy fireflies after dusk
  • Be at peace while you dive into your inner worlds in a safe, beautiful paradise
  • Eco-Community atmosphere on an organic farm

Relax in beautiful nature meditation spots everywhere on the land, or take a trip into the city of Cuenca, Ecuador to see the historic sites. Cuenca is only a bus ride away.

If you are coming for community living, you will find a beautiful model in action. Eco-practices are widely used and you can learn something for your own building endeavors in the future. You can even build your own small house here if you decide you want to stay! Check out our Build it Forward program, a much cheaper and safer way to live in the country in the Cuenca, Ecuador area.

People here are living in a stress free environment, separated from the world, in a way that is rare and hard to find. Whatever you find nurturing and adventurous for your consciousness and spirit, you will find it here at this heavenly organic eco-village!

Welcome to Gaia Sagrada Eco-Community & Retreat Center !


  1. This place looks beautiful!

  2. Am staying in Cuenca for about 2 months – a charming place – but finding the wheat-dairy-sugar-meat diet & constant honking of car horns quite a challenge.. Your retreat & Eco-community sounds wonderful! Intending to look further into it :-)

  3. Great Retreat Place when consciousness can prevail and be free!

  4. Does center has Library?

  5. Hi
    Is it safe to come to gaya sargada alone?

  6. Hi!

    I’m attending the retreat on January 18th, and wanted to possibly connect with anyone else who is…

  7. How about meat,fish, milk and butter?
    I love the organic diet, but am not strictly vegetarian. Would I be able to get the above using transportation? and how easy is it gonna be?

    • Sure, you can buy other things and keep them in the kitchen, but no cooking of meat in the kitchen. Just get meat that is already cooked, or canned meat is ok, just can’t cook it. No problem though, you can bring whatever you want! No requirements.

    • I’s easy, a little store nearby, or just take a day trip to the city and get whatever you like, as well! Just can’t cook meat in the kitchen, but canned, already cooked at the store, etc, that is fine! Dairy is fine too. No requirements!

  8. Hello
    I want to attend Gaia sargada from Canada, Winnipeg. I want to know if someone from Winnipeg maybe goes to Gaia, so we can travel together.
    Please let me know.

    • Hi, Can you please connect with me. I am in Canada but Alberta. I would love to have a travel companion and maybe even a sharing however aim rather to be on my own space when there. However, be good to have someone from back home around. When do you intent to travel?

  9. Jared Powell says:

    What are your requirements for the cooking position? I am an intelligent young soul who would love to take the job. I do not shy from hard work and I am an extremely fast learner. I have some experience with vegetarian cooking and I have been working to shed my ego and live the way we are meant to live. I am computer savvy and love to chop and carry the fire wood. Nature is my muse. I hope you will consider me as a candidate for your wonderful community. Thanks!

  10. Jason Pednault says:

    Hello. If I were to rent an apartment, is it possible to just join Ayahuasca ceremonies and not do the San Pedro? Would the price be discounted?

    How much land do you guys own?

    Beautiful eco-village!

  11. Carol Dewey says:

    I have applied for my passport and intend to continue my retirement in Ecuador by becoming a permanent resident. I have never been to Edcuador (or South America), am traveling alone, and looking for a safe community where I can peacefully transition from living in the U.S. to living in Ecuador and learning to speak Spanish. My ultimate goal is to live in a community where I can grow my own organic fruits and veggies; and, as I am not (now) a vegetarian, keep chickens for eggs, etc. and not be dependant on big international corporations for my needs.

    Your community looks like a perfect match for me and I would like to move forward toward making it a reality. I plan to arrive in Ecuador in two or three months and am looking for a furnished room with small kitchen. Also want to take advantage of opportunities to do some volunteer work as part of your community. I am a retired professional with many valuable skills who also loves to learn new things, so I am sure you will be able to find something I can do.

    Any information/advice you can give me with respect to making this happen will be appreciated. Looking forward to hearing from you.

  12. How much to buy a house and to rent a house? I am interested especially there I have a high interest in researching ancient cultures and i belive it would also allow me to tune my connection with nature and the cosmos.

  13. I am looking for a place to live that is free from toxic pesticides and economical to live. Can you live at Gaia Sagrada and do you use any pesticides containing pyrethrins or pyrethroids I am a good organic gardener.

  14. Hola Gaia Sagrada,

    Mi nombre es Nicolas. Mi novia y yo queríamos visitarte. Somos en Peru la proxima semana y tenemos tiempo del 25. April hasta el 2. de Mayo. He leido mucho de ti y queremos hacer esta expedicion espiritual contigo.

    Avisame si tienes tiempo para nosotros. Por favor con tu direccion y condiciones.

    Te deseo un dia hermoso.

    Mejores saludos,

    Nicolas y Gelareh

  15. Hi everybody,

    This Oldooz from Iran. So pleased to be here with you like-minded people. Have a wonderful day. :-)

  16. I am Going to attend the retreat in June, any one want to share transport cost from Cuenca airport ?

  17. Hi everybody!
    I am going for the 12 day retreat in july and will take a plane from Quito to Cuenca on the 12th of July at 9.45. If anyone is in the same boat,
    well plane :-), I would be glad to share your company as I travel alone.
    Hope to hear from somebody here or on my email berrfot@gmail.com

    All the best!

  18. Hi Gaia Sagrada,
    Your place sound just the place i was looking for and always wanted to have some experiences with Ayahuasca. I am planning to come over in the near future. Anyone from Uk want to share the trip.

    • Hi, im going Jan 8th 2015, fly out of Heathrow 8th, return 23rd. dinky@hotmail :)) if you wish to travel together be in touch :)

  19. am looking forward to experience this spiritual place no other than Gaia Sagrada.. am counting the days..

  20. Hi Gaia Sagrada!

    Just want to know if someone from the Philippines signed up for the shamanic retreat.. I hope you don’t mind asking me this.. thanks

  21. Hello
    If somebody from Winnipeg, Canada going to Gaya Sagrada in August?
    Anyone from Winnipeg, Canada maybe wants to share the trip?
    My email: nataliecosmos7@gmail.com

  22. I am interested in studying for free . How do I go about it?

  23. Guildo e Ewa dos santos Cruz says:

    hey Gaia,
    i got very insterested on that,
    we want share and exchange such experienc with Gaia and all people
    we are Massagist with opened heart for everething :)
    I AM.

  24. Hello fellow light seekers. i am arriving from the UK, 9th January (Quito-Cienca flight) for the 10 day retreat with ceremonies, is anyone else going ? love and light.

  25. I will be attending the January retreat, and could not be more excited! Coming from Charleston, SC. Flying into Guayaquil early on the 9th and taking a bus to Cuenca. If anyone has similar travel plans feel free to contact me:) sarahwolfy@gmail.com


  26. Your retreat looks amazing! Is the diet during the shamanic retreat completely vegan? I am unable to eat milk or dairy.

    And how is the weather in the Andes mountains in late Feb?

  27. http://stacijoyhealthzone.com/2014/12/26/gaia-sagrada-in-the-andes/

    Listen to my amazing experience at Gaia Sagrada in December 2015.

  28. Thanks so much I am so thankful this retreat is such high quality! Is there ayahuasca & peyote involved in your shamanic ceremonies?

  29. Jim Cathell says:

    Actually, already had a conflict, but am now solid on the early April retreat. So, anyone planning on attending the April 4-15 retreat and want to ride together?

  30. Is someone coming to Gaya from Canada (Winnipeg)?
    So we can travel together?

  31. Hello Gaia Sagrada! This is Brian from Minnesota. I’ll be attending the May 16 retreat. Looking forward to it!

    • Hey Brian! I’m originally from South Dakota. Looking forward to having a neighbor at the retreat!

  32. Masud Hameed says:

    I would like information attending a retreat would like more information on being a part of it.

  33. Angela Steinbrecher says:

    I am interested in attending, the only thing I am missing is the cost of the trip. I am from Greeley, Co. Looking forward to hearing frm you.

    • Hello Angela,
      I live in AZ, and I too am looking for funding for the trip.
      Am thinking maybe GoFundMe..I was meant to be a healer and mentor, but I need this particular healing that this place offers before I can finally live my purpose.
      Let’s talk and see what we can do.
      Looking forward to hearing from you,
      Lisa D. Hall

  34. Hello,
    I’m from Winnipeg Canada. I just wondering if someone wants to join me to travel to Gaya Sargada in the next 1 or 2 months so we can travel together !
    my email: usbnatasha@inbox.com


  35. Veronica Kechichian says:

    Good night, I just wanted to say hi.
    It´s been a long time since I stopped translating the videos for Christine Breese.
    I just wanted you to know that this year translating all of them will be my mission in order to allow Christine´s teachings get to all the spanish speakers.
    I might be losing my English expertise since I haven´t been working with americans for the last 4 years and I´m not a translator, but I BELIEVE in the power of the words and I sure believe that these era needs her words.
    That´s all.
    Blessing for all of you.

    Verónica, from Buenos Aires

  36. maria grazia mei says:

    I would like to try this experience but I’m afraid of it. What happens if I come to you and then want to go away? Do you take me to the airport or there’s another way to go away? Could you please explain me?

    • You are always welcome to leave if you want, but we cannot do refunds after you are here because we have already paid out all the money to the shamans, insurance, and other things, and we are non profit, so there is no extra money to give a refund with. We pay it all out before day one. Don’t worry! It is a wonderful, healing experience!

  37. Hi,

    What is the best way to travel from an airport to Gaia Sagrada? I’m travelling from Australia in November for the 12 day retreat and would like to know the preferred airport in Ecuador which is as close as possible to Gaia Sagrada

  38. Theresa Price says:

    To Christine/Bruce and the Shamans. Words can only begin to convey our deepest gratitude for everything you have brought to our lives and the positive change you are fostering in this world. We’ll never forget you or this life-changing experience at Gaia Sagrada.

  39. Theresa Price says:

    To Christine/Bruce and the Shamans. Words can only begin to convey our deepest gratitude for everything you have brought to our lives and the positive change you are fostering in this world. We’ll never forget you or this life-changing experience at Gaia Sagrada.

  40. Is there a 7 day retreat?

    • You can come for the first 7 days of any 12 day retreat, but there isn’t a discount as it is still less expensive than even 7 day retreats at other centers. You would get three ceremonies in the 7 days! Please use our contact page and email if you have any other questions. We only check comments about 1 time per month.

    • We allow people to come for the first 7 days of a retreat, but there isn’t a discount for not attending the full 12 days because it is still less expensive than 7 days. It’s still a great deal!

  41. How would I sign up for retreat and pay?

  42. Hello, If somebody from Canada going to Gaya Sargada ? I am from Winnipeg and would like somebody to join me. email me.

  43. Candy Keye says:

    I am joining u today to volunteer however I was wondering if u have wifi access ?

  44. Please keep me posted by news letter or any other information

  45. Hope everyone is safe after the earthquake. Is everything okay there? I was hoping to join the may retreat but am unsure about safety and traveling after the recent earthquake. Will there be any interruptions or difficulties getting to Gaia Sagrada? I will be coming from New York. Sorry for those who have lost loved ones, God Bless. thank you

    • Gaia Sagrada has not been affected by the earthquake, as Cuenca is on granite and is stable and not in the fault zones where earthquakes happen. They got it pretty bad on the coast though and we have been sending truckloads of supplies there to help the people who are there. They really need our help! All retreats are going on as planned, all is safe in the airports you would be travelling through. We are far away from the earthquake zones. Blessings!

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