Living at Gaia Sagrada

Rentals in the Country
Eco-Community at Gaia Sagrada

Most of the time you will have the retreat center to yourself when there are no retreats taking place. You and other residents can make your own activities, do yoga, enjoy a movie, check your emails in the community center, or have a midnight conversation. Sit by the woodstove, hang out at the sauna and hot tubs, or look for UFOs in the sky! Make Gaia Sagrada your own when no events are happening.

You are welcome to associate with retreat participants when there is a retreat. They will be curious about you and what it is like to live at Gaia Sagrada. Feel free to mingle, make the rounds and meet some new people as they come in. Meal time is a great time to hang out and meet participants.

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Commute to Cuenca on the bus when you want, get a dose of the city and say hi to friends, do something in the centro, but come home to where you LIVE in a beautiful nature paradise!

What a difference this will make in your Ecuador experience! A safe place to live in the country, where all your stuff will be when you get back, close enough to the city to commute, and a chance to experience the true Ecuador few get to witness.

Community Pot

Everyone can chip in for groceries that everyone uses as needed. People throw in $10 at a time. The community food fund buys communal food items such as salt, pepper, cooking oil, dish soap, toilet paper, napkins, things that are used by everyone. There is no sense in 20 to 30 people having separate salt shakers, butter, and cleaning supplies!

Daily Classes and Activities at Gaia Sagrada for Renters?

Because we are making it extremely inexpensive to live at Gaia Sagrada, we do not have the money to hire meditation and yoga teachers. People in the community may step into those roles depending on who is here at different times, but Gaia Sagrada does not provide these activities with your rent and utilities fees.

If you want to participate in retreats when they happen, there are additional fees. When there is nothing scheduled at the center, the residents are free to use the facilities as they like. You can use the yoga room and other facilities, but you would be on your own unless someone in the community would like to lead everyone in a class for free! (no charging residents for any classes allowed, must be free from your heart!)

Free From Your Heart to the Community

Anything you offer to the community residents is REQUIRED to be free. If you want to offer a yoga class, for instance, to residents during a time when there are no retreats, you cannot charge any money or make it a commercial endeavor. This must just be something you do from your heart.

A massage therapist or other types of healers can rent space from Gaia Sagrada for $5, but other than that, please do not push your services on other residents or visitors, or conduct commercial activities at Gaia Sagrada that are not part of Gaia Sagrada’s programmed schedule.

Community Work

Residents at Gaia Sagrada are responsible for working it out among themselves to make a schedule for keeping everything clean, organized and doing what it takes to keep communal living areas neat. You will also be responsible for keeping your own room clean. We do not have a cleaning staff.

This work does not act as work exchange credit or discounts for rental fees or retreats. This is just normal stuff you would do around your own home to keep things neat and clean! Community chores everyone shares are fairly easy, it is not heavy work, just what is needed to keep the living areas in order, and would only amount to a small amount of time per week.

Work Exchange

Work exchange cannot be applied to rental fees or utilities, only retreats. You can do work exchange for part of your retreat fees if you are participating in a particular retreat, but not if you are not participating in that retreat. Also, all fees will NOT be covered by work exchange. It costs a lot of money to put together a retreat, so we have more expenses to meet. However, you can work some of it off if you want to experience some of the retreat offers!

Working at Gaia Sagrada

If you want to work at Gaia Sagrada, we pay Ecuadorians the minimum wage of $2 per hour, so you can do that if you have a cedula, which means residency status in Ecuador, and only IF we have work to do. There isn’t always work, but around planting and harvesting times, we need some help. Sorry, but we cannot pay gringo wages when we are charging Ecuadorian prices.

You can also make money sometimes when we have a retreat if you know how to cook. During retreats we prepare meals and that is a paid position, not much, but more than Ecuadorian minimum wage. We can get cooks for $5 per hour. Other than that, there are not a lot of income potentials at Gaia Sagrada. What income opportunities we do offer, they are not at the wages you are used to getting. If you want to make money when we have opportunities, you must be willing to work as an Ecuadorian!

Noise Note: We ask everyone to keep it quiet around the rooms after 9 pm. If you want to have conversations and make a little noise, feel free to use the community center, kitchen, patios, or other areas where no one is sleeping. We want the early-to-bedders to be happy! No grumpies!