A girl smelling a red rose from her lover for valentines

ULY! What a wild ride! Us ladies decided to call this group Dante’s Camino (Dante’s walk or Dante’s way) as we were preparing ceremony food (exotic fruit!) one day. It became really clear to everyone that what we focus on is amplified in our lives, and that it is so important we focus on things that are positive, life enhancing and productive, rather than that which we don’t want in a negative pole vibration. It is our choice and responsibility to choose wisely what we want to make real in our lives. We visited the extremes and came out clear and healed in the end. It was quite a wild ride!

This beautiful group came together and through the thick and thin of it supported each other’s growth in all that needed to be cleared. The first couple ceremonies were indeed cleansing, and then the sweat lodge San Pedro ceremony sealed the deal, cleansing out the deeper negative energies in a profound way. It was very clear the next day how cleansed the group was after the sweat lodge ceremony. It was a breath of fresh air for such an intense cleansing to take place.

The final ceremony was indeed profound and beautiful, with such a change in everyone that we could hardly believe it ourselves how transformed everyone was. NEVER have we had such a blue sky without a cloud in it for the final ceremony like we did that day. Everyone was soooooo joyful it could hardly be contained. It was the day everyone got their wings and could journey back into the world as the angels that they are.

Well done, you beautiful souls of Dante’s Camino! You have walked the extremes and came out balanced and clean in the end. Well done! Continue to choose wisely and lovingly between the dark and the light, and put your attention on love. Thank you for being such a daring, courageous and beautiful group and facing the shadows like warriors of light and love. Love conquers all, as we got to see first hand! Let love be your guide.