Laura Delaney (Spider Daughter) is a graduate of University of Metaphysical Sciences, which is the organization that built Gaia Sagrada Shamanic Center. She just earned her Masters Degree and created a retreat at Gaia Sagrada as her masters project. What a great masters project she did! Twenty people came with her to Gaia Sagrada and had an incredible…experience!

Facilitating a retreat is a visionary idea that takes quite a bit of effort to bring into tangible form. It is more mundane than anyone realizes, glorious as it all sounds. From sending out the announcements, getting the word out, handling emails and questions, lining up the shamans and setting up their transportation, putting it together, overseeing classes and workshops between the ceremonies, and manifesting it from a dream and idea into a real and solid event on the Earth, what a project!

Laura was a wonderful facilitator, a natural at this retreat stuff! She was really nice to everyone while getting it all done, and everyone had a great time and an enlightening experience. Laura got her name, Spider Daughter, during an ayahuasca experience long ago through her connection with the dream worlds, as spiders are the dreamweavers, weaving the web of dreams.

The Ayahuasca shamans she booked, Wareni and Catalina, were wonderful! They sang beautifully, brought lovely medicine from Colombia, and were really good people with beautiful hearts. Wareni is a trance master with his singing, Catalina too, and Catalina also brought with her some of the most beautiful beaded jewelry we have ever seen. Ayahuasca patterns were quite evident in her work!

We booked the sweat lodge shamans for her group, Paulina and Salvador, a beautiful husband and wife shaman team, and wow! What a powerful sweat lodge. They sang beautifully and robustly, had a great male/female balance in the energy of the medicine. The heat cleansed us all to the umpteenth degree!

Well done, Laura! You are quite the master facilitator! What a wonderful event you put together, and the people you attracted and brought with you says a lot about who you are! Beautiful! Don’t be shy, you rock! I will always be in admiration of you, and I am amazed at the beauty with which you create things on the Earth. You have such a big heart and care a lot. You are a rare being in this world and quite the visionary!

All of you who came to Gaia Sagrada for Laura’s private retreat and masters project for University of Metaphysical Sciences, what a beautiful group you are. We will remember you with fondness and you are always welcome back to Ecuador with open arms. You are all very special. Thank you for choosing Gaia Sagrada for this special journey!