Another one of those beautiful soul families came through here! We are naming them Los Primeros (The Firsts) since they were the first to try out our new ceremonial pavilion for the outdoor San Pedro ceremonies. What an awesome new ceremonial gazebo we have now. We used it and it works perfectly! The energy in there is so sweeeet!

We had yet another transformative and amazing retreat, with huge changes for everyone and new directions becoming clearer for all who were at a crossroads in life. Ayahuasca shows the way, and San Pedro gives you the power to make it happen. Go!
Everyone had so much fun, too. Lots of laughter, lots of jokes, and yes, there were serious moments too, with tears of grief, sadness and even joy at the new beginnings that were to begin when returning home. Hurts from the past were let go, anger at how things went in life were put to peace, and love was embraced by all as they look now at life from a different perspective.

What a diverse group the June retreat group is. People from Europe, Australia, USA, Korea, Nicaragua, and probably some other places I am forgetting to mention. Everyone in these groups come from so many different cultures, backgrounds and histories. It is wonderful how we get to see the world coming together right here at Gaia Sagrada. Who says peace isn’t possible in the world? We are all the same, really. Everyone just wants to be happy!

We will miss you all, and will always remember you as Los Primeros, the first to try out the new San Pedro ceremonial gazebo! Thanks for breaking it in and starting the vortex of energy that is there for all to enjoy as time comes to pass in the future. Thanks for sharing all your talents, the yoga, the rumba, the music, and the love!