Daytime San Pedro Ceremony

February 2014 Ayahuasca retreat summary:

This is the UFO Group! What else can we say? On our second ceremony out under the night sky and the beautiful stars, we all saw it, didn’t we? A visitation of some sort that came to check us all out while we were in ceremony! It was a beautiful flowing light that was pretty close, very beautiful!

We all marveled and none of us have ever seen anything like it before. We see UFOs here sometimes, there are a lot of them in Ecuador, but never one quite like this and so close! Was it a star? Was it an angel? Was it a UFO? Let’s always remember it. We are not alone!

Everyone felt like they took their power, and now they can all move into a new chapter in life feeling quite empowered and able to direct their lives more. This group was all about empowerment, seemed to be the theme, and becoming strong in oneself. Beautiful!

Quinoa Planting Finished!

This month finished planting the quinoa! Our first attempt at farming 6 acres of Andes mountain land that is perfect for the indigenous grain quinoa, an Andes mountain native grain. Most of it comes from Bolivia right now, but more and more are realizing it throughout the Andes that it grows great here. Lots of our neighbors are giving it a whirl too. They never thought of growing quinoa before! It’s their heritage though, so it feels good to be inspiring Ecuadorians to grow this native plant on their properties.