March retreat 2014

This is the HOT group! They always kept asking for the fire to be hotter! And so we made it hotter! They liked the hot sauna, the hot tub, the hot water, the hot food, and the hot fires! HOT! The Hot March group had quite a lot of changes. Some people came in with some serious issues to deal with, and left totally transformed for the better!

This group had a lot of transformational energy. They all do, but this one was more transformational than some. There was a lot of change in this retreat, shifting to seeing the bigger picture of the cosmos.

There was a lot of laughter too, quite the bonding and new friendships for life emerging in this retreat, and no one could stay too serious for too long! No one indulged in the serious stuff too much, even though they all faced something serious that was holding them back in life. A big lesson in this retreat was all about just letting go and staying in the present moment!

Want more medicine???? Got Medicine? Cura Cura Cura Cura! This group thought up a whole bunch of logos and Tshirts that would be a hoot to sell here at Gaia Sagrada, things that nail the experience down in a nutshell!

One thing we came up with is if you don’t know how to get back into that space that you were in at Gaia Sagrada, just make that tree frog sound and you’re here! “KnloK!” and then boing, you’re back in the profound and extraordinary eternal consciousness you came to realize as your natural state! If someone gets angry with you, just say “Knlok!” and the fight will just have to end because you will just confuse the person back into the moment. “Knlok!” You’ll see (I mean hear) when you get here! Did we spell that right? “Knlok!”