What beautiful people! Everyone was so lovely and sweet. I call this one the New Year Group! I have a nickname for every group and these were fresh beautiful people to start the new year with. A promising year indeed, if this group is any indication of what’s to come. And how talented everyone is at what they do!

Two of the people in the January New Year Group 2014 were University of Metaphysical Sciences students. We always love to meet students of University of Metaphysical Sciences. What amazing people who are attracted to studying at…

University of Metaphysical Sciences! Future leaders who inspire the next generations. One of them is writing a book about his experiences in consciousness, including what he experienced here at Gaia Sagrada. We’ll let you know about it when it comes out, might take him a while to finish!

January New Year’s Group, we love you! Thanks for starting the new year with us! 2014, what does it all mean? Ha!