We planted 5 acres of Quinoa, an Andes mountain seed that cooks like rice but is ten thousand times more nutritional (ok, I exaggerated, maybe only ten times more nutritional). All the little guys are coming up now, they’re cute! We are told quinoa grows terrific here, and it does seem to flourish. It makes sense because this is a native plant to the Andes. Quinoa likes warm but not too hot days, and cool but not too cold nights. That’s exactly what we have here!

Almost all the organic fields have irrigation now. The sky has been doing the watering lately though, it’s great! We have bright blue sunny days all day long, and then right around 4 or 5 pm each day a big cloud comes in from over the mountain. You can set a clock by it. Then someone in the sky turns on the faucet and the cloud dumps a big load of water for about a half hour hard! It’s a lot of water! Then the cloud disperses and the skies clear up enough to have another hour of afternoon sun and an amazing sunset ensues given all the trippy clouds making paintings in the sky with sunset colors. It’s not unusual to see a rainbow almost every day here!

We are planting another field with everything: cabbage, broccoli, carrots, beets, herbs, a chia experiment to see how it grows here, everything! We have a lot of different seeds to plant in the big general garden for Gaia Sagrada to prepare food from. Our plan is to pick our salads every day!