Digital Illustration of colorful Butterflies

What a beautiful journey through consciousness this has been. We had a really beautiful group come together once again and journey well. There were profound healings, emotional releases, and great awakenings. What wonderful people are attracted to Gaia Sagrada! We are so impressed by the kind of people who come here and journey through body, mind and spirit in the dimensions of healing the medicines offer.

We had beautiful ayahuasca journeys, incredible san pedro awakenings, and a sweat lodge that was quite cleansing. We then sat by the fire after the sweat lodge and enjoyed the stars, drummed and sang, were mesmerized by the fireflies everywhere, and a few of us made it to sunrise more than once!) We sat at the edge of the forest overlooking the mountains for our last ceremony, walking the dimensions.

One night we we weren’t sure if what we were seeing was a UFO, a visiting spirit,  or an airplane. Hmmm… It sure id move pretty strangely at first, in spirals coming straight toward us, seemingly pretty low to the ground. Then whe everyone said, “Nah, thats a airplane,” it turned and seemed to say, “OK, you’re not ready for me to visit,” and went to the right and acted like an airplane, going out of sight very quickly. It still didn’t look exactly like an airplane though.

One question that comes up in every retreat is how can we live a fearless life? How can we live our lives in a good way, without struggle? We have to ask ourselves what we fear most and then make peace with it in our hearts and surrender to whatever is going to happen in reality. It is so important that we trust in life and in ourselves, and know that the universe is not hostile, but friendly. It is all about what we put out and what we share with others. What comes back to us if we put out love… is love.

Thank you beautiful angels for your willingness to transform, do the inner work, and really be present for everything that the medicines showed you. You are all very wise in your path already, and as you discovered we continue to get wiser forever! Thank you for being such a wonderful, willing and loving group!!!