What a year! 2015 was one heck of a ride, wasn’t it? Did you feel the roller coaster ups and downs, or what? Seems like we are all growing in leaps and bounds all over the world. Hundreds and hundreds of people have passed through here in various roles, from volunteers to participants, and it has turned out to be a beautiful, healing path for so many. Lives were changed and transformations happened!

Before we enter 2016, we want to look back at 2015 and say a big THANK YOU to everyone who was part of Gaia Sagrada in the past year. Without YOU it couldn’t have happened!

A Big Thank You to All of YOU!

Thank you to all who have come here and blessed us with your presence. It has been beautiful! You are all lovely in such unique and wonderful ways! We here at Gaia Sagrada hope all the blessings and growth you have had here in Ecuador have gone with you wherever you are. We hope the blessings continue. Changing lives for the better is what the medicine is all about. We hope that the effects have been lasting in your life and the experience continues to be a quantum leap in your path…

The land continues to be a beautiful paradise. Thank you for your contributions to this endeavor. Your blessing has given Ecuadorians jobs, and you supported a Volunteer Team of people who couldn’t otherwise afford this experience, all those loving people who cooked yummy food, smiled and joked sweetly, and helped you in the ceremonies! We created some nice gardens on the grounds and got some more building details done. You helped us maintain everything in good working condition. Thankyou!


Thank you to our shamans who made the ceremonies so incredible, and their beautiful relation with the medicine, connecting people with their inner wisdom. Thank you for your songs, your icaros, your prayers and your wise words in all our ceremonies! Thank you for your lovely hearts! Thank you for blessing Gaia Sagrada with your presence! May the blessings you facilitated for so many people in these retreats come back to you a thousand fold.

We pray that your new year be full of joy, happiness and health for your families and friends, and that your life continue to be a gift to the world and the people you meet. May your love continue to flow into the world in a good way. Thank you for making Gaia Sagrada a great, safe place for people to meet the medicines. What a huge amount of healing you have created for people all over the world. We wish the absolute best for you!

Volunteers and Staff

Thank you to all our Volunteers and Staff who helped out at Gaia Sagrada retreats this year. It was lovely to meet each one of you, and boy did we all learn a lot together this year. It was challenging, fun and we learned love! There sure were a lot of laughs by the campfires and in the kitchen, not to mention the spontaneous dancing!

The serious moments were beautiful as we watched people’s transformation, what a rare opportunity in the world indeed! Thank you for making the wheels of Gaia Sagrada turn smoothly, making all that great food, keeping all the rooms clean, making sure there’s firewood, helping all the guests with whatever they need, even being a shoulder for them to cry on or someone to talk to. Your hearts make Gaia Sagrada wonderful! May you receive multiplied all the love back that you have put out to the people who came for the retreats! You did a great job!

Thank You!

What a huge feeling of gratitude at the end of 2015. We made it! Everything went well and peoples lives were changed for the better. Gaia Sagrada and the Shamans have been an important step on spiritual and healing paths for many. May the journey continue for each of us as we go onward into 2016, wiser, and more masterful at being a human than we were the year before!

A Great Exercise You Can Do For the End of the Year

Think of a few things you are really grateful for in the year of 2015. Think of some of the hard things you went through as a thing to be grateful for, too. What did you learn from those experiences?  Make a list of things you are grateful for and why you are grateful for them, good and bad.

Now look forward to 2016 as a bright future. Now that you have learned so much in a year’s time, grown wiser, and became more experienced in life, the next year will surely be better. All it takes is the discipline of applying what you learned in life so far.

Put love and light into the next year, paint as if you are making a masterpiece, and create a beautiful future, sending a loving energy toward yourself and everyone else. Ask the universe to create a nice reality in 2016 with you! Now, on New Year’s Eve, step out into a whole new you and a whole new outlook on life. Each year is like a psychic border. New beginnings and new ways of being are easy, even new emotional, mental or physical habits.

Make this future bright by continually putting nice thoughts and emotions toward your future. If you do that it will turn out alright and you will be glad for living yet another year in this world. Paint yourself a bright future!

Happy New Year Everyone, from Gaia Sagrada!