So what do you do when there is indecision? Wait! Learn how to wait gracefully. We cannot push the river. We can try, but we will find ourselves frustrated and with struggle if we try to push the timing of the powers that be in this universe ahead of what the timing is supposed to be.

Sometimes our patience with the timing of things is a test, to see how much we will surrender to what is happening, or not happening. However, we can be alert and paying attention to the clues that are being shown to us, as the universe is always bringing a clue as to what’s next, even if that means waiting for a little while.

Sometimes it is a challenge to simply pick something, especially if there are many choices before us. Sometimes people ask me how they can know they are making the right choice. There is no way to know! You can only follow your heart, which usually leads you in… the right direction, even if your mind is logically trying to tell you another choice is better. If your heart isn’t feeling it though, it’s not the right choice.

Here is a method I use when I have to make a choice, especially when there is indecision about the many choices I might have. I look into the future of each choice and see how my heart FEELS about it. Does the choice feel heavy and tired, or does my heart feel light and excited? Even if it doesn’t make sense to the mind, the heart is always right. It is the steering wheel in your life.

So wait if you are being challenged to wait gracefully, without suffering and impatience, or make a choice based on how your heart feels if there are several choices and you don’t which one is the right choice.

Whether it is the right choice or not, well, there is no way to know! You can’t get it right 100% of the time. After all we’re only human! The wrong choice won’t be so bad anyway, because we always learn something from it. What is the worst that can happen if you make the wrong choice? You get to try again! Good thing it’s a universe that gives you a million chances!