by Christine Breese

In ceremony, when we pray with gratitude for even the simplest things in life, like clean water for instance, we are all reminded how blessed our lives are. Our hearts open with gratitude, giving honor to the core of life, the water. We want to share this blessing with everyone.

Many times we all take clean water for granted, even though it is at the core of our existence as physical beings. Without water there is no life. It’s simple, yet profound if you really think about it. When we realize our dependency on water, we realize the miracle that our lives really are. None of us would be here, not even an animal or a plant, if this was a desert planet with no water. Water is the key to physical life.

Try living without water for a few days, and see how much the appreciation for water surfaces then. We don’t need to be deprived of water to have a sense of gratitude and appreciation for it, though. We can appreciate it and feel the gratitude for our lives right here and now. The way we take care of the water is a direct measurement of our consciousness.

How to Appreciate Water?

Simply give water your attention when you drink it, feel it on your body when you are in the shower, wash your face or brush your teeth. Appreciate water as you clean your dishes, your car or your house. What a miracle water is! Really think about it. It is the great cleanser, the great solvent for cleansing. It can take so many forms, ice, snow, mist, hot vapor in a sweatlodge, clouds, lakes, rivers, rain… How many forms can water hold?

It is also a flexible substance, filling whatever it pours into. It forms to the shape of any container, tub, cup, or jar. It always flows in a predictable way, depending on its form, and we can depend on water to fill our cells, our muscles, and every tissue of our bodies. Water cleanses and cleans, not only the outside of our bodies and our environment, but it also cleans us on the inside.

In fact, water is the most powerful medicine in the world. Many illnesses, aches and pains at the physical level can be alleviated with plenty of water, sometimes a lot of water. Many people who could never really find a western cure for whatever ails them, if they start drinking a lot of water these ailments simply disappear. We can also look 20 years younger if we drink a lot of water!

I have come to the conclusion that water also cleanses our emotions and mind. Whenever a person has a stressful moment or an emergency, one of the first things we want to do for that person is hand them a cup of water. It is instinctual. This helps people come back fully into a clear state. Same thing with mental whirlwinds or obsessions. Sometimes drinking a glass of water calms everything down.

This is the same water our ancestors drank. It retains memory of where it has been. Just imagine the life that the glass of water you are drinking has lived! What an interesting journey if you really follow it. That same water has been in a lot of places, from clouds to rain to lakes to aquifers deep inside the ground, inside animals, inside plants, even humans, since the beginning of time… If you tap into the memory that water holds, it will astound you! It is a vehicle for consciousness.
Let us never drink another glass of water without saying thank you for giving us life. Let us understand how we fit into the cosmic picture of physical reality. Let us absorb the wisdom and healing that water brings. Let us always be grateful for this great luck we have in our life, to always have this water. Let us each do our part to take care of it well and never waste it. If each of us in the world could save a few gallons of water a day by not wasting it, running down the drain needlessly, it would change the world.

Let us be truly conscious, paying attention to the footprint we leave on the earth, and measure our consciousness by watching how we use water. If we pay attention, we will definitely all change how we treat the water. It should be handled with care and respect!