Mopey got an Ayahuasca Healing!

This is Mopey! He used to be a really mopey dog, moping about and acting like nothing will ever be good, just mopin! All the time moping around! Let me tell you about our little Mopey story and how the ayahausca healing retreat we all receive here heals the mopey in all of us! You don’t need an ayahuasca healing to to heal the mopey in you, but Mopey got one just by being around all the ayahuasca healings that have happened here at Gaia Sagrada! Maybe you DO need an ayahuasca healing retreat to cure the mopiness in you, as it helps to interrupt the mopey programming, that’s for sure!

Mopey belongs to our next door neighbor and gets bullied around by the other dogs at her place. She’s our wonderful abuelita grandmother who we all know and love, and moves her cows around every day on our land. You’ll see her when you’re here in her colorful Ecuadorian skirt, shirt and shawl. We have no idea what… she calls Mopey, but he earned that Mopey name here as we would always try to cheer him up, and we have long talked about him getting an ayahausca healing! We just couldn’t figure out whether or not we would be able to make him drink the ayahuasca! (Just kidding!)

Our next door neighbor is not much of a dog whisperer though, as dogs don’t have the same place in society as dogs from our Western culture societies do in the USA, Europe and other places. Dogs in Ecuador, for the most part, are just alarm systems and they don’t feed them much. Her dogs are fed better than most and she doesn’t abuse them, but she doesn’t love them up like we do! If there are social problems among the dogs, well, that’s for them to work out in the opinion of an Ecuadorian.

Mopey’s Ayahuasca Healing Retreat!

So Mopey has long come to our side of the fence and hung around, hoping to be allowed to be here, trying to be invisible for the most part. Of course nothing is invisible to our dogs, Yogi, Shanti and Raja. At first they hassled Mopey because Mopey wasn’t supposed to be there, but Mopey would turn belly up and beg, “Please accept me? Please can I be your buddy? Please? I’m a good doggie!”


Ayahuasca Healing Retreat for Mopey!

Finally Mopey was accepted by us and our dogs, slowly, sort of, kinda. We didn’t want any more dogs, three was enough, but we just couldn’t help it. Mopey is a really sweet, gentle dog and we couldn’t help our hearts. Technically he still belongs to our neighbor, but he sleeps and eats for the most part at Gaia Sagrada. He lives both places, really. He plays with our dogs and naps during the day with them, and every now and then our dogs pretend to play a game of “Get off our turf, go back to your house!” but we can all see it’s just a game and the dogs are wagging their tails and smiling while they do it.

What is really cool about Mopey is that he isn’t so mopey anymore. He actually smiles now. We probably should rename him Happy! He is happy now, really happy. Every once in a while he reverts back to mopey-land, but he snaps right out of it with a kind word or a pat on the head. He switches back to happy easily enough. He’s a funny dog with a sense of humor too now!

Ayahuasca Healing Retreat For You? Get Your Mopey Out!

So come for an ayahuasca healing retreat and get the mopiness outta ya! Don’t be mopey, be happy! Are you mopey? Ayahuasca healing is the Mopey-Buster! Do you really need an ayahuasca healing retreat to get the mopiness out? Well, no, not exactly, but an ayahuasca healing retreat can sure interrupt the mope-programming! So get your mope out, and get your magic back! Get your sense of play and humor back! Be like Mopey and change the way you are present in the world! Be happy like Mopey, one of our transformation stories and testimonies at Gaia Sagrada!