Edith Lesley Foley, what an amazing woman with a vivid imagination for gardens. This wonderful lady blessed us with her creations and left a piece of her beautiful heart here forever. Look at these amazing sacred spaces she created here at Gaia Sagrada. We are so very lucky!

The Chakra Garden

This first sacred space she created is the chakra garden. When I first saw the construction guys making the molds for these doors to the garden, I just couldn’t even imagine what she was building. I had no idea. She tried to explain it to me… but I couldn’t really fathom it. Seeing it in its finished state is just amazing! What a special place it is to sit and meditate, listen to the birds, gaze at the little goldfish in the pond, or watch the butterflies as they play among the flowers.

The way the chakra garden works is you walk in the door on the right, and as you walk the path around to the door on the left, you move through all the colors of the chakras. First come the red flowers, then the orange flowers, then the yellow flowers, green area, blue flowers and purple flowers by the door on the left. What a sweet idea! There is a beautiful design on the wall where the person taking the photo is standing, we’ll show you that in another post! Edith and Eszter designed it with glass bottles in the wall incorporated into the design with beautiful designs around the bottles in the wall.

The Hobbit House

Another of Edith’s lovely creations, this was just an underground food storage spot, a place where the stored food can stay cool without refrigeration. It wasn’t much to look at before Edith got to it. In fact it even looked a little spooky. Not after Edith put her magic touch on it. Look! It’s a Hobbit House! She got the idea after someone was talking about building a Hobbit House at Gaia Sagrada, and she ran with it. You like it?

The Hobbit House comes complete with a mailbox and a little birdhouse in front with a lovely wooden fence. There is a lucious garden with flowers and edibles, like broccoli and cabbage, even lettuce. There is a mini table and wooden stumps where you can sit and have your morning tea like any hobbit would. There are little fairies hanging from the window shelf, a light post, and she planted vines that will wrap around the roof and the fence in another few months.

Edith’s project is ever growing and changing, a garden that never sleeps, and a place

When you sit in the front yard of the Hobbit House, you’ll feel as if you have gone back in time, or to another world altogether. Imagine if you lived here! Look at all the detail when you are here. She thought of so many ways to make it beautiful, even the gardens, walkways and the steps that go up to the roof. She could have been a set designer for these places in the Hobbit movies. “Hey Bilbo, good mornin’ to ya!” What happy colors she used, too!

The Ancestors

This garden and sacred spot is near the Maloka where we have our sacred ceremonies. The rocks are our most ancient sentience of our world, the ones who were here waaaaay at the beginning of this planet, the ones who remember the beginning of creation, actually. If you were to see the life of a rock, the millions and billions of years worth of experience, it would be mind blowing!

When the rocks come into the sweat lodge, they are called abuelos and abuelas, grandfathers and grandmothers. They are the oldest beings of our planet. All form has sentience, some way or another, and if these rocks are aware of their experience (just an idea!), then what stories they could tell! Imagine you were a rock at the beginning of creation. What a ride!

The Mushroom Fairy Circle

I’ll get a picture of this soon. It is also right near the Maloka where we have our sacred ceremonies. The first time I saw it was after an all night ceremony (we started after dark so I didn’t see it before the ceremony). When I walked to the woodpile to get some more wood at sunrise, I gasped when I saw it nestled there in the woods.

For a moment Edith got me. Shocked, I thought to myself, “Do those mushrooms grow here and I just never saw them before?” Then I came to my senses and realized, “Aaaaah! Edith was here!” I’ll never forget that little surprise.

Here you will see the little fairies flitting around or resting under the mushrooms. Just watch, you’ll see them. Especially at dusk and sunrise! You have to watch really patiently and yet pretend you’re not looking, and then their world will be revealed you. Look out of your periphery vision!

Thank You Edith!

Thank you so much for what you have created here Edith. Thank you for surprising us! You are always welcome here with your wild ideas and creations. You bring love, sweetness, humor and wisdom wherever you go. It was so wonderful to spend time with you again and let you run free with your ideas here. You are always welcome here. We love you! Thank you for expressing your heart in such a beautiful way here. Many people in the future will enjoy (right now, and already have in the past) your expression here! We’ll be sure to water everything!