This was an interesting month! A really wonderful group of people gathered, all ages, and they were all good sports throughout the retreat. The shamans did a great job working with this group and gave everyone great journeys.

Of course the first ayahuasca ceremony was all about cleansing and releasing, with everyone letting go of the burdens of the world on many levels, physical, emotional and mentally. Lots of purging for those who had some cleansing to do!

The first San Pedro ceremony, all night, blew everyones minds… 

As always, Santiago delivers a magical experience with the magical San Pedro. Much healing took place. Some were overwhelmed but got through it gracefully and realized there was much to heal, and knew there was still more time in the retreat to do so, others embraced the challenge of their healing head on and dove right in,an and cried the tears if any were needed, or released the past in the places where it needed to be let go. In the morning we all welcomed the new day with a fresh new attitude, forever changed.

The third ceremony, the medicine sweat lodge with both medicines, cleansed everyone even more deeply. The shamans Sofia and Salvador carried purifying energy in their songs and prayers, and everything changed. Nothing toxic in a person’s system could remain after this ceremony! Many stayed up until the wee hours of the morning solving the problems of the world, playing a game of picking a new name if they were to have one, and making each other giggle a lot under the stars.

On Saturday everyone went to town for a day in the historic district, what fun! Some went to Banos, the hot springs near Cuenca. Others cruised around town to check out the sites, and of course a yummy meal was had.

The fourth ceremony was the second Ayahuasca ceremony, and wow! Everyone traveled really far and had big visions this time. After the previous three ceremonies, everyone was primed and ready to go really deep into themselves. Not much vomiting this time around, either! Everyone is really clean now!

The fifth and final ceremony, the second San Pedro ceremony, was the magical ending everyone was looking for, with a beautiful close the retreat. This is where the final release came, and the final opening to the answers from within, making a new way of being in the world now the norm. Happy birthday everyone!

Everyone always leaves Gaia Sagrada with an experience they will never forget. Everyone leaves with answers they never thought they would have, or give up on really needing to know because now life can be lived in a whole new way, moment to moment, awake and aware in the ever unfolding now moment. Life takes care of itself when you can live this way!