The Science of Oneness

science of onenessThroughout history, consciousness has always been a topic for discussion. Is the conscious experience generated by our brains? Or are we part of something greater? Most modern day scientists will argue that consciousness is a byproduct of the senses. This ideology correlates with a common belief that most of us don’t often question: separateness between our mind and the outside world. However there is a science of oneness that is observable beyond a doubt.

Considering that the separation between my mind and the outside world might not exist seemed very absurd to me. I was a die-hard atheist. I thought I was so right in my views of the world that I would immediately reject any beliefs beyond my own. At this point in my life I was also very unhappy. I decided to give plant medicine a try, from a scientific experimental perspective, to see how it would affect me.

The experience I had was very powerful. It showed me how naive I was being in my beliefs. I really felt like I experienced true oneness. I became much more open minded to ideas I would have previously rejected like oneness science. 

Science of Oneness – Double Slit Experiment

After this experience, I did some research on other people’s experience with plant medicines. I wanted to see if the insights I received held any water. I noticed some people relating their plant medicine experience to some aspects of quantum physics. They came up with a science of oneness, or oneness science.

The double slit experiment is one of the most famous experiments in the field. 

Protons, neutrons, and electrons are the building blocks of our material world. They surprisingly behave differently when left alone, as opposed to when they are being observed with a quantum measuring device. When they aren’t being observed, they behave like a wave. However, when they are observed, they act like matter in the usual way we would expect solid objects to act. This was an astounding discovery. It leads us to question the true nature of matter, as well as the significance of observation. 

One of my favorite experiments related to this phenomenon was conducted by Dean Radin, a parapsychology researcher. He conducts lots of studies regarding mind-matter correlation. In the experiment, he uses a double slit system just like the normal double slit system. However, instead of using a quantum measuring device to observe the particles, he had people focusing and un-focusing their attention on the system. This was to test whether or not human intention had anything to do with the strange results of the double slit experiment.

The Double Slit Results

Remarkably, when the subject focused on the double slit system, small but noteworthy fluctuations of interference occurred. Even greater fluctuations occurred when people who regularly meditate focused on the system. This shows that our minds really do play some role in the physical world around us. If we can train ourselves to calm our minds, we can make big changes when we really focus our attention towards something.

This experiment has also been replicated multiple times. The results were in accordance with Radin’s findings. The science of oneness is for real! We are connected to everything in existence somehow. These science of oneness experiments prove it. 


If we all take up a daily meditation practice, we can manifest a better world for us all. Attentiveness is a great virtue with infinite implications. Great things will come if we practice living each and every day with an open and peaceful mind. 

Plant medicine taught me to appreciate the sheer beauty of life. A day rarely passes where I overlook life’s simple pleasures. I’m no longer wrapped up in things that I can’t control. I am more content with my life than I’ve ever been. 

I truly believe in the transformative power of plant medicines, #thankyouplantmedicine. I am eternally grateful for everything Gaia Sagrada has offered me as a volunteer.


This article was written by Kai Cameron who is a musician, writer and all around amazing person who we all love here at Gaia Sagrada! Thank you Kai for this beautiful article! You can find him on facebook at Kai Cameron


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