How to Conquer Fear

by Matthew D. Johnson

Many are in fear because of this terrible coronavirus that has killed and sickened people all over the world. It is understandable. Fear comes to many because of the unknown.

Will I die? Will my partner die? Will my parents, grandparents, children, grand children, friends…will the people I care about die? Will I lose my job? Will I lose my home? Will looters come to rape, steal and destroy?

There is so much fear and anxiety. Fear of the unknown. So, the solution is TO KNOW. Know what? What can one know to make such fears go away?

Many believe in a paternal God who is supposed to be taking care of us. Many lose faith in this paternal God in times of crisis because this paternal God seems to be failing at his job. How could God let this happen? Where is God? Many fear they have been abandoned by this paternal God. Many get so discouraged that they stop believing in God altogether. This is certainly understandable.

Fear of the unknown…fear of being abandoned by a paternal God that is not showing up…the solution is TO KNOW. Know what? You need to know who YOU ARE which is the answer to both fears.

You are God. God is not some angry, incompetent Middle Eastern dictator sitting on a cosmic throne somewhere. God is YOU. God is the Universe and you are a fractal of the Universe. You are like a drop of water in the ocean that is God. According to what we can know from science, everything is one at the sub-atomic level. Me, you, your cat, the chair you are sitting in, the Earth and even the coronavirus. Light, dark, good, bad, rain, sunshine, life, death, yin, yang…everything is one thing. God is more like the Force in Star Wars and we are all part of it. 

The plane of existence we are living in right now was created by God/the Universe. You. There is nothing wrong with it. It functions just as it is supposed to. It is ever seeking equilibrium. It inhales, it exhales. To tap into that and to find peace, many meditate. I use the ancient mantra of AUM. Meditate the AUM at least 20 minutes a day or whenever you are stressed. I teach how to do this in my book “The Best News Ever”, which is free online, at 

As you slowly come to realize the truth of what I am telling you, you will no longer have fear of the unknown. You will know that you and God/the Universe are one. And you will never die and neither will your loved ones. Our bodies will die and may even be harmed in this plane of existence. Those are the rules of how this plane works. That cannot be avoided. The only way the hand of God will reach out to save us is when…we reach out with our hands. We are the hands of God. Good people doing good things the best they can is the light that pushes back the darkness in this realm. 

When our bodies die, we shed that part of us that is temporary and reassume our immortal selves. I know this for a fact. I have practiced psychic mediumship for several years now. I have been able to accurately know the names, cause of death and all sorts of details about people I have never met before. I am far from alone in this. You can fool others, but you can’t fool yourself! I know I did not make this up just to make someone feel better. This stuff is real! I encourage you to use my book to learn how to do this. This will not only comfort others, it will destroy any lingering bits of doubt in your mind.

This world can be better and we should strive for a better world, but it is set up as a school for us. School can really suck sometimes. It can be hard. However, we will all graduate in time. In the end, EVERYONE IS OK. We all live on forever. No one is lost. 

When anxiety seizes you, rest in the knowledge of what I am teaching you. Meditate the AUM. Help others in need so far as you can. Remember to dance and laugh and play! This Universe has darkness, yes, but it also has a lot of beautiful things to enjoy as well!

You conquer fear by knowing who YOU ARE. Use the free tools that I and other teachers offer to you. You are going to make it. Everything is going to be OK. Life is amazing for those who choose to make it so. Be kind to yourself! Peace! 


Matthew D. Johnson is the author of “The Best News Ever”. Join him at the following websites: