The past retreat was so beautiful, another awesome group came through here (we have between 15-20 people each retreat). We were debating what to call you guys (I always like to give every group their own nickname), but it had to do something with birds for sure! NEVER before did we have the night sound birds we had those nights of the ceremonies. They came just for you guys!

The Screamin’ Banshee!

First we started off the beginning of the retreat with a screaming banshee or something (we think it might have been an owl). Fortunately it only stayed 5 minutes, Santiago came over and whispered to me, “We are going to have to carry a LOT of energy tonight!” I said, “You bet! I’m ready!” There was also a big halo around the moon (Santiago says that’s the Night Eye watching!)

San Pedro proceeded to yank on everyone’s stuck places and inner strings all night to provoke a transformation, beginning in each person and continuing throughout the retreat. San Pedro awakened a whole new respect in everyone for the intensity and wisdom of these medicines, both Ayahuasca and San Pedro.

We went through a lot of processes in the retreat, everyone having a huge transformation, transmuting darkness into light, assessing our lives and looking at what is working and what isn’t, cutting ties with traumatic things from the past, embracing nurture and beauty instead, and letting the bones of the past be buried and gone.

The sweat lodge ceremony was also intense, a cleansing of all things past, an emergence into beauty and wisdom, a whole new life. The Ayahuasca ceremonies gave everyone incredible visions and insight into their lives.

The Cooing Dove

THEN we got the cooing, beautiful, Ayahuasca dove bird soothing us all night for the last Ayahuasca ceremony and all night the next night, as if assuring us that we had all done well and transforming what needed to be transformed.

The manifestations of nature around here are so amazingly scripted, from the screaming banshee yelling “CHANGE!” to the cooing dove in the night saying “Well done.”

The White Unicorn

At the last ceremony of the retreat, the daytime San Pedro ceremony, a white horse I had never seen before appeared and grazed near us for the whole ceremony. We called it the “Unicorn.” (I swear it had an invisible horn, we all saw it!) Indeed, everyone had moved back into their self empowerment and the white horse showed us that this group was ready to go back out into the world in a whole new way. The white horse symbolizes “purified power.” What a beautiful sign from nature that we had done it.

We also had our first Irishman in this group and learned that we are all pronouncing Beltane and Samhain incorrectly in the USA. What a great accent that guy has too.  There are so many accents in all these groups, as there are people from all over the world. It’s always such an interesting thing to see the Group Soup that comes together for each of these retreats, a soul family of sorts that are all connected to each other on some level or another. It’s so beautiful!

We really enjoyed you Maybirds! Fly free and beautiful, always! Ahoy!